Local Bible Bee Contest: Mission Complete

28 August 2012
Well, the boys have competed in their first Bible Bee. 

We first heard of the Bible Bee while being stationed overseas, and I wanted the boys to participate, but no one was hosting or mentioned that it would be possible overseas.  I now know, through talking with another military spouse, they had their first ever BIBLE BEE overseas near Ramstein AFB.  (How exciting is that?)

Anyway, we knew that coming here and researching that there was going to be a Bible Bee right here in San Antonio, that we would participate.

Here are some links to our journey from start to finish (this post).

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Since June to August, it has been a good experience.  Although my boys did not place in the top 5 in their category or moving on to Nationals...they followed through (with a little push from mom, of course).

Several days before the actual contest, I was contacted to help out during the Bible Bee. I was given the rules/regulations for being a proctor for the written and oral testing for both Seniors & Primary levels -- as both my boys were in the Junior Level.

It was so fantastic to see one primary level boy--- zip through this oral exam.  You knew he studied and studied well.   During the written he raised his hand to ask a question.  He said, "Um, I think they asked the same question twice?"  LOL! I think he was asking me if it was either done on purpose or a major typo in the test.  I simply said, "Just read the question and answer it to the best of your ability."

This boy went on to receive  the second highest score for the primaries.  CUTE!!

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. - 2 Timothy 2:15   

After the ceremony, I was able to speak with my boys...they were glad that is was over. I don't think it was a lot of stress, but they were not 100% into it.  I did mention to them that is the reason why you have to study diligently and everyday. During one of the first meetings, that is what was mentioned over and over again; you have to study, you have to research your bible for the cross references, and know the verses that were given on 25 cards.

The oral test consisted of two proctors -- one to tally the verses (correctly or any errors given by contestants) and one for timer.  The contestants had 12 minutes in order to say 20 of the 25 verses/cards.   *Mind you, it wasn't just 25 single/individual verses; but each card usually had  3-5 verses or more for each.

On the written exam, it consisted of 200 questions; either from the word study (given to the contestants), cross references from the study, Greek meaning of some words, and various basic bible knowledge questions.  All had one hour to complete the written multiple choice test.

Overall, it was a great experience.  You can tell in the end who studies and studies well!!  I think one family had 3 contestants and ALL 3 were in the top 5 (of their levels).  That is so great!!

I pray that many from this group of kiddos make it to Nationals.  All worked hard and deserve a round of applause for their commitment to study God's word.

I hope we will be able to do this next year-- considering we have experienced it already and understand better what it entails.

Here are some pics from Saturday.  


Right After Oral Test 

Waiting to Take the Written 

Participation Certificates

Group Photo Of Bible Bee Contestants -2012!

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Sade Tagbo said...

Good to see another Bible Bee family! We had a great time at our local bee. We met so many like-minded families.

loved ones in heaven said...

Its very nice to meet such family who also follows bible sayings.

Mom4Love said...

Hi, enjoyed reading about your experience, and seeing the pics!! Our two are competing this year first time in the Junior Division...Loving it so far!!

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