Field Trip to Texas Transportation Museum

05 September 2012
                   TTM Mission Statement
Texas Transportation Museum is an all volunteer organization that collects, preserves and displays transportation equipment and related items. We operate a working passenger railroad, several model train layouts and many road vehicles. We provide an educational and entertaining experience which interprets how developments in transportation technology shaped and continue to impact daily life.

Last Saturday we went on a family field trip to the Texas Transportation Museum, here in San Antonio.    We have been wanting to visit for some months now and we finally decided to go. The good news for us is that our admission was free due to my hubby being active duty military. I am so appreciative to museums and different various outlets that discount for military families; especially for families like ours when family outings are few due to the cost of some entertainment venues. 

We were greeted by volunteers that were courteous, enjoyable, and friendly.  They steered us in the right direction to go and off we went.  Our first stop was to wait for the next train ride scheduled and while we waited we came upon a wasp hive, but after we notified one of the volunteers, they were able to take care of them.. No stings here.  Thank God.

Wasp Nest. EEK! 

Waiting for our train ride

While boarding the train and taking our seats, our third child said, "I need a seatbelt. Where's the seatbeat?"  HA HA HA.  I just told him to hold on to Daddy real tight... the train ride was short and sweet.

Railroad Crossing Sign 

Texas Transportation Museum Field Trip

Watching the train models go by

Inside main display building

We have a great time and the boys loved the short train ride and observing the HO scale railroad.
If you'd like more information, please visit their website:  Texas Transportation Museum.  

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Sadie said...

What a fun looking place! We just went to a model train club and my boys loved it, we had to pry them away when it was time to leave!

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Thanks Sadie!! Yes, it was definitely a fun place to be. My boys fave was the train ride! ;)

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