Homeschool Curriculum Choice for 2012-2013

24 April 2012

I finally caught the curriculum bug and sat down last night to figured out all my sons, course of studies. I only do a COS so that I can have a hard copy list of what we "want" and what we "need/have." I have finished their curriculum list for next SY 2012-2013. Want to see our list?? I even stayed up late to research cost per website to see what was now, everything is listed, ordered, and waiting for shipment! I bought from and

Here's what I got-

I will be teaching at our Co-Op for:  World Geography, (A Beka) & Photography.

9th grade:

Bible -
Answers in Genesis – Answers Books 1-3 and DVD’s
Omnibus III - Theology

English/Language -
Blue book of Grammar
Various Selections from Omnibus III (Literature)
Bible passages for recitation and memory verses
Vocabulary from reading list

Science -
Apologia with Biology, 2nd ed. (With Lab)

History -
Omnibus III by Veritas Press (Reformation to Present, English/British Lit)
World Geography  (Co-Op)

Math -
Beginner’s Algebra with Companion by Life of Fred

Foreign Language -
First Form Latin (since we've not completed this course) or start with Rosetta Stone: Latin

Electives -

Photography Club (Co-Op)
Bible Club (Co-Op)
Nature Study

P.E.  -

F.E.A.S.T  Soccer

6th Grade: 

Bible: -
Answers in Genesis - Answer Books 1-3 and DVD's

A Beka -
Full Curriculum

Apologia- Zoology 3: Land Animals (Co-Op)
Texas History (Co-Op)
Bible Club (Co-Op)
Nature Study

Foreign Language -
First Form Latin

P.E. -


1st Grade: 

Bible -
Answers in Genesis – Answers Books for Kids and  DVD’s
Children’s Bible: ultimate sticker book collection

English -
Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons,
Sight word flashcards (Hooked on Phonics), etc.
A Beka beginner books and Handwriting without Tears (penmanship)
Read aloud books: various, library  and personal books

Science - 
Apologia- Zoology 3: Land Animals (Co-Op)
Ocean Life: Children’s Ocean Life Encyclopedia (own)
Nature Study: Comstock and Nature Walks Various Library Books

Social Studies -
Elem. History Projects (Co-Op)
My World: Adventures in Time and Place (free from free-cycle) and Geography Atlas (free)

Mathematics: the Path to Math Success and Collaborative Math Books (from friend)

Foreign Language -
Spanish (Co-Op)

P.E. -



Various Hands-On Activities and Books

Momma Helps -

1.  (for COS template, Planners, Co-Op schedules)
2. Well-Planned Day Planner (SY 2012-2013)
3. Bible
4. Prayer
5. Husband

*Not necessarily in that order. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Homeschooling!!

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If you'd like to see our plans for the 1st Day-- please go HERE.

How our First Day can visit HERE.

First Field of the Year -  Institute of Texan Cultures 

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Mary said...

Looks great! I use Abeka Math with my youngest and we are going to add Abeka Health to our line up.

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Thank you Mary! We already had A Beka 6th grade and trying to cut down on curriculum cost this year...

I feel that because my oldest is going into high school...I want to focus more on his work (at least until I am comfortable teaching HS level).

A Beka is such a great curriculum. I have no doubt he will do great with their 6th grade level.

Most of our expenses went to the books for high school level!! Oh and a microscope!!! LOL!!

The Popes said...

Do you like the Well Planned Day Planner? This is my first official year homeschooling (we've schooled informally since preschool) and I'm looking for a great planner.

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Yes, I do love the Well Planned Day Planner. It's great!! This will be my 2nd year using the Well-Planned Day Planner. ;)

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Here is their website...

Stefanie said...

Looks like a fun year! You have a great selection.

Jill said...

Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Curriculum Choice 2012-2013.

Looks like you have a fun year planned!

I hope you will join us each Friday at The Weekend Blog Hop!

Allison said...

We used Teach Your Child to Read...and loved it! It's so simply and quick. My oldest really enjoyed the lessons and loves that he can read now. Life with Fred is something I will most likely use in the not so distant future. I enjoyed reading your plans. :)

Stephanie Harrington said...

Very complete. Great selections. I also intend to use Apologia for science. But I want to wait till he is in 7th or 8th to go to a full text book. How do you like it and why?

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Great year planned, I plan to pop in to see how you all do with your Biology. My daughter is in 8th this year, but we plan to use Apologia Biology in 9th.

Tristan said...

It is neat to see the different ways families plan the year. It's a blessing that homeschooling can be so individualized for each family.

You can peek at the plans for my seven children for the year on my blog here:

Jessica Stemmerding said...

@Stephanie: We enjoy Apologia and have used it since we started homeschooling. I would recommend the books for the older ones. 7 grade and up. I like the books because they are Christian-based and packed with information. My son has done well with Science and he enjoys the experiments when we do them. Like the review questions/sections and if their is a notebook -- highly recommend to get them along side the text. Notebooking is great!! ;)

Jessica Stemmerding said...

@Traci -- Thank you!! He'll be doing most of his work in our Co-Op, but I will try to post and especially with Lab. I even joined the Apologia Blog Roll. You might want to look into that too!! :) I am excited for that as well.

Jessica said...

Stopping by from the hop. I love seeing what other families are doing and how they implement their choices. Hope you have a great year!

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Thank you Jessica!! ;) I pray you have a great year also!

Sarah Avila said...

Thanks for linking up with the Apologia Blog Roll!

Hoping you have a great year!!


Anonymous said...

I Abeka. I have been homeschooling my 9 year old 4th grade daughter since 2nd grade therefore making this our 3rd year and we used Abeka from the start.

Danielle said...

I have a 1st grader and a 10th grader. My 1st grader son is using Time For and Honorable Boy. My 10th grader is using Far Above Rubies and supplementing with Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 and Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry.

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