June Wrap-Up

02 July 2012
June came and went!!

Our June Happenings were great!

Here are the Highlights:

1.  Homeschool graduation

Homeschool Graduation Night

2. Still going with the Nursing Home Ministry. 

I take my boys almost every Wednesday AM to a local nursing home to share a bible study with mostly female residents there.  We sing a couple of hymns and then do a 15-30 min. bible study.   Janet, who is the lead for this ministry, is going to change up the way it's been going to getting the children more involved.  Then we have added another talented family to the mix whose son can play the guitar beautifully and mom can sing a special.   I agree with this change because nursing home residents love the children and anything they can bring to the bible study memorable for the residents.  The kids will be singing some bible songs and stick with a 15 min bible study and more songs to share with them.

It's a great opportunity for my children and me...it's a blessing to be able to go and see smiles on their faces and volunteering our time.  There is one lady that reminds me of my mother (grandmother)  because she is not shy in telling my youngest to "sit down or I'll give you a spanking"  and then proceeds to give you her evil eye. LOL!!!  Yes, my mother indeed.  

Miss my mom.

3.  We went to our local Bible-Bee Kickoff at F.E.A.S.T.   Bible Bee?? What is that about?? Read Here.

4. We hosted our first Movie Night.  We have friends over for a pool/movie night.  We have almost 20 kids come over for fun in the sun and a movie!! It was a great night!!

5.  Can't be in the military and not go to a military ball!! My husband and I had a date night at the 237th Army Birthday Ball!  It was fantastic. 

6.  Went to our first Civics Class with F.E.A.S.T.

7.  Had an ORG DAY with my Hubby's Army Unit. We had a great time in the Texas heat!! ;)  

July is already here, and most of the days have been scheduled!!  

4th of July celebration, VBS, our 15th wedding anniversary trip, my sister is going to stay with us for a couple of weeks, Start of school year 2012-2013, host a missionary family from Germany,  park days, and upcoming field trips!!   Our oldest son is going to join in a witnessing to others program in the youth group too. 

It's Summer time -- isn't supposed to SUMMER BREAK??  Nope, we are too busy socializing our boys....oh wait.... How do you socialize your children by homeschooling??   --Can't get enough of that question! ;)

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