Homeschool Kindergarten Graduation and More

09 June 2012

A week ago or so we had our first 'annual' graduation for our small homeschool group at church. Several of us had some kindergartners and 8th graders so we made a plan and move forward to celebrate.

We planned for a couple of months, reserved the venue (at Leon Valley Baptist).  We had planned for the ceremony to be in the sanctuary and then the reception in the gym, which later changed to another area of the church  the day of, but it turned out to be fine in the end.

I organized for most of the decor after we all decided on the theme, "Oh! The Places We Will Go!" by Dr. Seuss. Ideas, of course, came from Pinterest

Here are some photos from the event. 

Photo Credit: Sam Hagadorn Jr.

Family Board for Display

Decoration for Reception

Gift Bags I made for the Kindergartners

What a great night with family & fellow homeschool friends!

8th Grade Grad to FRESHMAN!!
Shirt made by: Andrea Smyers

How do you celebrate at the end of your homeschool year? Please share.

Have a wonderful SUMMER!!

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