Movie Night At Our House

20 June 2012
We wanted to have the church homeschool group over and other members of our church family come in and enjoy an evening with us.  We decided to have a Pool/Movie Night Theme fellowship.

First, the families arrived around 4 PM and onward for the pool party.  We had quite a number arrive and they all had the time 5:30 PM arrived we were trying to get the kiddos out and dried up for a quick bite to eat.  

After some sandwiches, chips, and fresh veggies, my  husband graciously put together about 25 bags of freshly popped popcorn and we put them into big brown individual bags for the kiddos. The kids got into a line starting in the kitchen to receive their popcorn, drink, and candy.

We watched the movie, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.  It was such a great night and I do think everyone enjoyed themselves!!

I pray we can host another Fellowship Night again before it starts to get really busy in the Fall. ;)

Here are some pictures to enjoy!!  Thanks for stopping by...

Parents chatting while kiddos enjoyed the movie.

We had a blast with so many children!

Our boy enjoying a juice during the movie.
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