ABC's of Homeschooling: L for Lapbooks & M for Math, Living Math that is...

08 July 2011
ABCs of Homeschooling

L is for Lapbooks!

A lapbook is basically an educational learning tool made from a folder.

Materials needed (but unlimited to):

-Color printer ; )
-Colored file folders
-Crayons, color pencils, markers
-Old Magazines/Photos/ Copy Materials/Lapbook sets
-'Pocket' envelopes to slide mini-books into
-Adhesives: 2-sided tape, packing tape, glue stick
-Index cards
-sm. ziplock bags

Lapbooks are fantastic. I believe that any homeschool philosophy or whichever the way a child learns, lapbooks can be fit into the curriculum as a fun project or even the main technique for learning for any subject. For example, I have an older child who dislikes doing book reports, so he does his book report via lapbooking, it's his book report in detail! ;) There are plenty for free templates by searching and/or you can buy elaborate ones from most homeschool friendly outlets.

I first time I looked at lapbooks was through a homeschool conference. I have also reviewed several lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning lapbooks and Hands of a Child (both which are excellent by the way), but if you live on a shoe-string homeschool (who isn't these days?) there are plenty of free ones available...and/or you can definitely make one from scratch!

Right now I only do lapbooks with my pre-kinder/kindergarten boys. They love to color, practice with their cut/paste skills. We are going through the alphabet in our lapbooking. Each folder we make, it dedicate it to one letter at a time, so eventually we'll have 26 different lapbooks (A-Z). We use a biblical theme for our letters (e.g. A is for Angel, B is for Bible, etc. etc.) and I put in different photos of things that pertain to that letter and a short bible verse they can learn.

The great thing is that we can go back and review them...and they are fun to create!

Here are some great websites to visit about lapbooking:

1. Homeschool Share
2. Lapbook Resources
3. Bible Lapbooks
4. Lapbook How-To Videos
5. Lapbooking 101
6. Jimmie's Collage

M is for Math, Living Math that is...

Living Math -you ask? Yeah, living math. Living math is math concept that CM (Charlotte Mason) mentions in her philosophy. Living math is basically hands on, real-life experience in every day living. It is not math on paper (worksheets) but solving problems (life). How do we double this recipe to make enough cookies, if we have to buy four new tires for the car @ $100.00 each, plus X amount of labor service—how much to we have to pay the mechanic?

Living math is using math in the home, at the grocery store, the bank, anywhere really. If we really look, we use math everyday--why not make it fun?

Some books I would love to get eventually get (or I have some) as I read into Living Math more...

1. Family Math

2. Family Math for Young Children
3. Family Math -Middle School Years
4. We LOVE, LOVE Life of Fred Series (which my older son uses and soon my 5th grader will too)
5. I'd like to think that Math-U-See is living math because of the manipulatives and my middle son enjoys this math.
6. Math from Simply Charlotte Mason
7. Harold Jacobs Mathematics

Jessica's ABC's of Homeschooling:

A for American History
B for Believe
C for Charlotte Mason
D for Dedication
E for Eternal
F for Field Trips
G for Goals
H for Habits
I is for Internet
J is for Jesus
K is for Kumon Workbooks

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Dawn said...

Great M! We have to keep our eyes open to be able to take advantage of those living math moments that pop up. Great reminder that it's not always about the books!~ Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog

gail said...

hi jessica! i thought about Life of Fred for my son (entering 7th grade) this year, but wasn't sure how we'd like it. it's great to hear you love it. ps - i love purple too :)

Jessica S. said...

@Dawn: Thank you for stopping by! I am sure to have a review later on the book. ;)

@Gail: We do love LoF Math! My son is 13 and he will be finishing up Pre-Algebra with Economics soon and then he will start Algebra book. :)

HeartofWisdom said...

You make me wish my boys were younger so we could do an alpha lapbook! Cute ideas. En

You might like our Free Bible Lessons & Lapbooks at and peek into our new Lapbooks

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