ABC's of Homeschooling: K is for Kumon Workbooks

23 June 2011

ABCs of Homeschooling

K is for Kumon Workbooks

What is Kumon Workbooks? Kumon Workbooks use the Kumon method to help children remain motivated as they learn. Each workbook focuses on teaching one specific skill from start to finish.

Basically the founder of this method, Mr. Toru Kumon, was a parent/teacher who wanted more for his own child. He started out with making assignments for extra help (at home) and by making the lessons a little more challenging from the previous lesson, he son was able to do calculus by the time he was in sixth grade.

HA HA HA!! Now do I need my kindergartener learn calculus by the sixth grade??? Not hardly, but I love these workbooks. I have been collecting them little by little for my kinder for this fall to use.

I think they are great, but following a Charlotte Mason type philosophy, she probably wouldn't agree on workbooks!! ;) But I think they are fun in moderation.

Right now I am collecting the Basic Skills Workbooks and then probably go to Verbal Skill Workbooks and then Math Skills --And they are not too pricey, especially when I get them on-post at the Bookmark.

I really like them...they are colorful and bold and FUN!! :)

Jessica's ABC's of Homeschooling:

A for American History
B for Believe
C for Charlotte Mason
D for Dedication
E for Eternal
F for Field Trips
G for Goals
H for Habits
I is for Internet
J is for Jesus

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Dawn said...

My daughter (now 16) LOVED those workbooks when she was 4-6 years old. They have just the right amount of writing without being overwhelming. For a young one who always wants to "do school" when the older ones are, these are fantastic. Great word!
~Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog

Naomi said...

I have not heard of the Kumon books. I might have to check these out!

5ennie said...

My 5-year old just today started her first Kumon workbook. She seems to enjoy it :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

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