ABC's of Homeschooling: Internet & Jesus

13 June 2011
ABCs of Homeschooling

I is for Internet

I cannot say enough about homeschooling and the tool called the Internet. Being overseas and homeschooling for the first time...the best thing that helped me through the process was having Internet. I could research curriculum, chat with other veteran homeschool parents, and even 'attend' homeschool conferences!!

It has been a great tool in our homeschool!! I am grateful for being able to use. I love that I can research anything, print out an activity, let the boys play an educational math game, and learn a new language with helpful videos...

Free information galore!!! I love it! Of course, as a Christian, we have to discern and weed out bad materials, and/or help our children with netiquette for them and ourselves.

There's just vast amounts of information that I can't even begin to explain...and if you are anywhere near a computer with Internet know what I am talking about! ;) Rather than repeating my favorites (because I have alot of them) -please look to the right-hand sidebar for my favorite links and icons to all my lovely goodies that I love to visit and re-visit again and again. ;)

I love lapbooks, notebooks, freebies, lesson plans, planners, curriculum guides/reviews, and Simply Charlotte Mason. ;)

J is for Jesus--of Course!

In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed.. .No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.
- Preface to 1828 edition of Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language

One of the main goals for our homeschool is to teach them in the way they should being followers of Jesus Christ.

To some who claim that is wrong...I'll say this much. We all raise our children to worship something...what are you teaching them to worship??

Again, without Jesus we could never have been saved and for one I am honored to teach my children the grace and glory of Jesus. I <3 Homeschooling our Children!!

Jessica's ABC's of Homeschooling:

A for American History
B for Believe
C for Charlotte Mason
D for Dedication
E for Eternal
F for Field Trips
G for Goals
H for Habits

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Anonymous said...

Being able to share Jesus' love with our children is one of the biggest blessings of homeschooling. What a privilege!


Dawn said...

Great thoughts! My I was also Internet, and I say a hearty YES!! to everything that you said about it. Where would be we without it? Even 10 years ago, homeschooling was completely different because there wasn't even a fraction of the resources online that we have right now!

And Jesus-- J is always Jesus! :)
~ Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog

Naomi said...

Jesus is my "J" word, too! Without Him, there is no reason for homeschooling our kids.

Jana said...

Hi Jessica! I found your website via Susanna from the Military Duty Stations blog. I am considering homeschooling my daughter next year as we will be moving again in December. We were just stationed here (Ft. Leavenworth) this past December, so she was only in 2nd grade here for half a year. I just really hate to put her through all the stress of saying good-bye and being the new kid all over again. My daughter will be 9 in October and this will be her 8th move. I'm enjoying reading your blog. You've got some great inspiration and resources! Now, I just have to get my husband on board!

Amber said...

"We all raise our children to worship something."
Yes, we do! Some people just don't stop to think about what they're teaching their children to worship. =)

Michelle Smith said...

You are right. We do homeschool to teach our children to be followers of Jesus. I could not think of anything except Jesus to represent this week! :)

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