Blog Carnival: 11 Fun Things To Do - Place we have visited to as a Military Family

07 May 2011

List 11 fun things you want to see or do in your current duty station!

Living an experience that I will never forget. Again, it's one of the 'perks' about being a military spouse...the hubby's position takes us overseas--sometimes it's wanted and sometimes it can be terrifying (if it's your first time).

This is our second overseas tour. In 2000-2003, we spent our first tour in Wuerzburg, Germany. We live on-post and we had a fairly great tour. With only one child and added another one by end of tour--we were pretty flexible in our travels;

11. W├╝rzburg Residenz: The Residenz is a beautiful place to visit. I enjoyed this city.

10. Of course being in Germany you have to see the Schloss Neuschwanstein --what a beautiful area.

9. If you ever come to Germany, there is a thing (road) called the "Romantic Road" --One four-day weekend ~we set sail and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. (YEAH FOR FOUR DAY WEEKENDS!)

8. King Ludwig II of Bavaria had many castles built for him in relatively in the same area and we visited the three main ones.

7. Trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to visit Edelweiss Lodge & Resort. It's simply amazing to go there...

6. Easily from Garmisch you can visit and we have visited:

a. Neuschwanstein Castle
b. Linderhof Palace
c. Herrenchiemsee
d. Munich
e. Dachau WWII Concentration Camp (I went by myself on a MWR tour)
f. Berchtesgaden and The Eagle's Nest
g. Nuremberg Zoo
h. Of course you can't forget: Zugspitze

5. Before we ended by in Germany for a second tour; we were stationed in Belgium for a year (Army transition will do that to you) So, we have visited (while in Belgium) Brussels

4. What a LOVELY place; Brugge (went on a ladies trip with our church family)

3. Which brings me back to Germany (and a like resemblance to Brugge) - Rothenburg ob der Tauber

2. Our first tour here, we had friends who lived in Vicenza --so of course we had to go visit them in Italy! ;) Italy is MY FAVORITE! While there we went to Citta di Venezia (Venice) for our anniversary. ;) Overrated, but it was nice...he he he

1. My number one place of all time is Rome, Italy. --We stayed a week there touring the area and I must say...I would live there if I could!! (oh, our baby boy his name is Roman: FYI!) Roman Paul to be exact. ;)

Oh, there are PLENTY OF PLACES we have visited (not mentioned above) and places we have NOT visited...but bottom line is--if you come overseas or where ever you live, YOU MUST TRAVEL!!! We've only been in Europe and the States...but again people get stationed around the world! How exciting!

I do love to travel...even with all our boys we manage to have a great time. ;) Though now---more of our trips are geared for the boys. *SIGH* It's okay's only for a season.

I have fun no matter where we go as long as we go as a family...

Oh..deployment hasn't stop me and the boys from traveling (close by) either! :) Our last field trip was to the Sinsheim Museum and it was excellent! Planning to go to the Technik MUSEUM SPEYER

Yes, I am dreaming, but I would still like to travel to Spain, Ireland, Greece, Egypt, and many other places...but right now, at this moment, taking care of my boys takes top priority... Maybe when the DH comes home from deployment...we will get to visit Spain. That's where I definitely want to visit before we head back home to the states.

I'll let you in on a little secret of ours...when we were newly married at lived at Ft. Polk, LA -we went to a local garden (very beautiful in fact), but the unique thing about it was this;

There was a older couple (age in their late 70s or 80s), was visiting the area too. He was a military man too, retired and enjoying life traveling with his wife. They were such a sweet couple and we briefly met with them and chatted with them...but they made an impact on our lives (my husband and I).

They had a pet names, he called her, "Momma" and she, "Daddy" --Nothing immature or sick about it. Just an endearment to each other...

They were traveling by RV and were touring the States.

I want to be like that couple. Loving life, loving the mate God had given them, and touring in an RV till kingdom come or the latter-end of life.

Sometimes we do call each other by [their] pet names...but alas, were still a little 'young' for that... HA HA HA

Anyway, here's to traveling and to say that it's a privilege to be a military spouse, is sometimes an understatement.

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Pattie said...

Awesome list! Thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

Ahh... making me miss Europe/Germany .....

Jessica S. said...

Thank you Pattie! and at Holly---we have been here for awhile and ready to go back to the States, but I know I will miss it too!! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Ralene said...

I would like to go to Europe one day. I spent 3 years in Germany, but that was from ages 3-6, I really don't remember too much. Thanks for a fun list!

Ralene said...

Oh, and I'm so ALL about Italy. You were making me jealous! lol

Jessica S. said...

LOL!! Yes, love Italy! Although, it's a nice post about the lovely places...never forget there's also the (good, BAD, and UGLY) to every story. LOL!! Thanks for stopping by Ralene. Hey, HI isn't a bad place to be right now!! ;)

Jhona O. said...

We loved Germany and hope to head back there soon so that our two youngest will have an opportunity to see, and remember, their birth places! Enjoy!

Jessica S. said...

Thank you for visiting!! Yes, two of our four boys are born here in Germany!! :) We love the field trips here also! It's a great experience for them as well.

Nina said...

I really enjoyed reading your list! And it made me miss Europe ..... has been a few years from my last trip across the pond.

Jessica S. said...

Thanks for stopping by Nina! ;)

Nina said...

I'm glad I found your blog! :-)

Jessica S. said...

Thank you! ;)

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