Our Homeschool "Yearbook" --Ongoing Project

10 March 2011
I love this theme and I just wanted to share as well. Here’s a peek of our homeschool “yearbook” for this year and for 2010-11:

Sinsheim Museum Field Trip:

Notebooking Space:

Shuttle Discovery Lift Off:

Weekly Trip to the On-Post Library:

Mesopatamia Project:

Rothenburg Christmas Market Field Trip:

Pen Pals Project:

ESPN in Grafenwoehr/Co-Op/Daddy Dolls Arrived:

Saying Goodbye because of Deployment:

Reptile Expo:

September 2010 Happenings:

Medieval Fest Field Trip:

Co-Op Fun:

“Schultüte” or School Cone Project:

WildPark Field Trip:

Homeschool Begins:

School Photos:

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