11 things I love about being the Wife of a Soldier

06 May 2011

1. I love a man in uniform (of course)

2. Knowing that he is apart of 1% of the USA population that serves his country. (small group of special people)

3. Traveling to places I probably would have never (in my lifetime) visited otherwise.

4. The benefits!! (Love/Hate relationship) LOL!

5. "Birds of a feather flock together" ~ Military Wives Rock! ~We love and support our husbands 100%

6. Military Balls - enough said.

7. Sense of pride and patriotism for my Soldier and Country

8. Marriage Retreats & Education Benefits

9. Military Children - Proud to be a military mom to military children --It's NOT easy.

10. Missionary Churches Overseas - I love my church that we have available that serve our military families!!

11. Retirement!! YAHOO!! Closer to retirement and though it's been a journey, we are on the down slope and we will always have our memories

Most are about what I can get, which can seems a little bit selfish, but I feel that military men & woman (plus their families) sacrifice alot to serving their country. It's also (FOR ME) a privilege to be a military spouse. My husband is my one true friend. Going through a deployment right now, makes me appreciate him all the more.

I love and miss you Honey!! See you when you get back. ;)

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Ralene said...

Aw...love the last part. I'm visiting from the WoF page. :) You're right, military wives ROCK! And I am such a sucker for a man in uniform. hehehe...

Tiffany said...

This was really fun to read. Your family photograph is beautiful!

Be Blessed.

Jessica S. said...

@Ralene: Thank you!! I am a sucker too! ;)
@Tiffany: Thank you! Thank you both for visiting my blog. ;)

Tonya said...

Your list is great. The retirement option is a great perk! Visiting from the blog carnival. :-)

Megan said...

I've never been to a military ball, but then again, I'm a newbie spouse :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! Education is super important to myself and my husband. Even though he's been out of school a while, he plans to go back and get his college degree. It's awesome :)

Jessica S. said...

Thank you Tonya for visiting. Yes, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! :) LOL!! Although, what we find there....only GOD KNOWS!

Jessica S. said...

@Megan: Oh!! You will have to go to one when you get the chance to go! I LOVE to attend a military ball. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Ebony S said...

I've not yet been to a military ball, but one of these years.... lol

popping over from Wives of Faith, love your list!

Jessica said...

Hi Jessica!
Stopping by from the WoF blog carnival.
You have a great list and an adorable family!
Enjoyed reading your list =)

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