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11 August 2010

Well, this post came in the most opportunistic time! I recently paid a visit to our only post thrift store. Sometimes I find great items (books) for only 75 of the books I bought was 'The Five Love Languages of Teenagers' by Gary Chapman.

My husband and I went through a marriage seminar last year or so it covered the book, 'The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.' Even after 12 years, I learned alot about my DH just by taking the survey...

So, I was glad to find this book geared towards teens by the same author. I pretty much already knew the outcomes for my children...I mean come on--they are my children. But what I really liked is his (Mr. Chapman) explanations of the 'love languages.' Gives me a better understanding of how my children 'think.'

Ok, here's the down low...

My oldest got:

A=4 (Words of Affirmation)
B=3 (Quality Time)
C=9 (Receiving Gifts)
D=9 (Acts of Service)
E=5 (Physical Touch)

So~ His love languages are 1.) Receiving Gifts, and 2.) Acts of Service

I totally already knew his love languages...and yes I always thought that gifts were given as reward (having my children in mind) but like our good Lord and Saviour, a gift is free--no attachments--no works. It's just a gift, because I love you. Wow!!! Sorry to say...I kinda forgot this... I know he loves just the little a pack of gum, or a new fine-point pen (he likes to draw), etc. It's his love language...just a little something to let him know that I love him and appreciate him.

Also he scored high on Acts of Service for a love language. I remember being the oldest too growing up~it's hard. There is so much expected of you and required of you as the eldest. He is my helper, but also he is my child. He wants to be 'pampered' too. ;) It was a good reminder and I enjoyed talking it over with him and mommy will try harder to LOVE. ;)

My second child score was:


He was also high on two which are: 1.) Quality Time, and 2.) Acts of Service

My second oldest is a lover boy. LOL!! He loves to be hugged and he loves to spend time with his mom and dad...Especially his Daddy. Again I was not surprised by this...or his high score with acts of service.

My young too are still to young to know, but of course with their ages I would say they are all FIVE love languages! {laughing}

As for their learning styles I have been to several websites and I recently went to another one yesterday from attending the HOTM online conference. I love the online conferences BTW...especially being overseas and not having full-support homeschooling; this form of support is FANTASTIC! Oh, the website I went to was: How To

Anyway here's what I learned...

my 12 y/o

33% Visual Learner
26% Auditory Learner
40% Kinesthetic Learner

my 8 y/o

5% Visual Learner
47% Auditory Learner
47% Kinesthetic Learner

*His high score on auditory kinda surprised me. I knew he was Kinesthetic, but not quite so high for Auditory as well.


34% Visual Learner
43% Auditory Learner
21% Kinesthetic Learner

So, I am glad that we changed up our curriculum this year to better suit their learning styles...If you'd like to view our curriculum for this year you can visit here. Also, I wrote another blog post on "How do I know what to teach?" --you can go here and I give some of my fave websites on this subject matter also.

Link up your child's learning style and/or love language and share any resources that helped you discover them! Hosted by:

Thanks for stopping by! ;)


Rebecca (me!) said...

Love your blog(s) and your post! This is great! I love the way you provided your statistical information....and that you have been on the HOTM conference. I wanted to attend it this week, but have had too many meetings!!! I'm following this now...can't wait to dig in more! Looks like we have a lot in, I can't wait to see your 'spin' on things!

Layton Family Joy said...

hey girl - these are great links! Lots of Acts of Service, that's great! I am so bad at quality time - it is my son's love language and I like my own quality time! eek!

Thanks for linking up again this week - I always look forward to your insight.
the hsv

Jennifer said...

Finally! I left you a comment on the Homeschool Village post because I couldn't get your comment box to load!

Thank you for sharing the link to the site about learning styles. I have one who leans toward kinesthetic/tactile but would love to see what her secondary style is!


Jessica S. said...

@Rebecca ~ thank you for stopping by I visited your blog also! I will go back and 'follow' Thanks fellow Military wife/Veteran! Thank you for your hubby's and your service! ;)

@Stef ~ thank you so much for The Homeschool Village and hosting the blog hop! Love it. ;0)

@Jennifer ~ so sorry you had trouble with the comment box! Your girls are cuties!! :)

richelle jean said...

aww i was homeschooled growing up and this makes me miss homeschool. :)

fejehome said...
Isn't it great the way homeschooling allows us develop our children's strengths! :) I'm going to check out thanks

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Hey, Jessica! I thought I commented, but guess I didn't. Thanks for the link to the learning styles. I'm checking it out now. :D Hope you have a great week!!

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