Currclick Photo Contest: Where in the World Are They? (closed)

08 August 2010
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It's time for a photographic getaway at CurrClick. We've picked our 5 favorite photos sent to us by you and put them to the test on CurrClick! CurrClickers now have the opportunity to guess their fellow shoppers' locations AND pick their favorite photo. All five photograph finalists will receive the entire Map Trek Series from Knowlege Quest. The winner with the most CurrClick customer votes will also win a Garmin Nuvi 205W Navigation system.

I LOVE a good photo contest and I love taking pictures with my camera...mind you I am not avid, professional photographer, but I like to say it's a hobby of my own. I enjoy making memories and I can assume my boys are tired of me and my camera {amused}. In any case, I know they will thank me later for the lovely photo memories of their childhood.

This was something I didn't get growing up living with retired grandparents. The memories (good and bad) are in my mind, but only for me and nothing to pass down. This is why I believe picture-taking is a must! I don't have an expensive one, just a suitable one.

This last summer our family visited places in southern Germany to where we have wanted to go for some time now. We went camping in the Bavarian Alps in Garmisch at the Vacation Village (cabin-style). During our camp-out we visited various in southern Germany.

I frequently visit [on-line] for my fave Freebies and other e-products when I noticed they were hosting a photo contest for summer [field] trips!! As a homeschool family, we have more opportunities than most and this family sure does love an adventure. So I pick my fave picture and submitted it.

Well, the five finalists have been chosen!! YIPPEE!! Our family picture was one of the five finalists. All I really wanted was the prize that the five finalists receive--which is the entire Map Trek Series from Knowledge Quest. How cool is that!!

Thank you so much Currclick!

Well, anyway just wanted to share because if you go and check out the photo contest and take the 'test' and vote {clearing throat} a certain boy with a beautiful mountain scenery in the have the chance to win the same prize (Map Trek Series)and if you get all photos correct you get a chance to will the ultimate prize: a Garmin Nuvi 205W Navigation System!

From webpage:

Winners will be announced on August 16th and prizes mailed to winners by August 28th, 2010. In order to make sure you are contacted by us for your shipping address in the event that you are the winner, be sure and verify that your e-mail address in your customer account is up-to-date.

Go over to Currclick and take the quiz~~ BTW I am not a Currclick affiliate, I just love them~ :) Enter to win!



Top five: the entire Map Trek Series from Knowlege Quest

Most Votes: a Garmin Nuvi 205W Navigation system

(Birthday presents came a little early this year!! Thank you again for hosting this wonderful photo contest!! I loved all the photos!!


Carol Flett said...

I agree about taking pictures. I am so thankful for the record I have of kids grandkids and grardens. They have come in so handy on my blogs.

Congradulations on being 1 of 5
Carol Flett

Carrie said...

Wow, Congrats!!! What an honor! ;)

You asked about my blog background ... yes I did it myself. I like to digi-scrap (when I have time - LOL!). I buy the kits for my blog from Weeds and Wildflowers Designs. I think they are fun and joyful!! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Jessica S. said...

@Carol: Thank you Carol I shall visit your blogs! :)

@Carrie: How awesome! I would love to scrapbook, but only one photo per page?? I am not even artistic, but digital scrapbooking seems more like me!!! I would love to try it!! Thanks for the information and your blog is of an excellent design.

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