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26 April 2010
Hello Everyone! So, last night I finally did a rough draft to our curriculum for next year. I know some of you probably figured yours out in January! HE HE HE...but, since we are moving into our '2nd Year' (YEAH!!)--we are moving into a different direction....not totally away from A Beka, but letting in a little more of the Charlotte Mason way of teaching.

I went to a fellow homeschool mom here not to long along, a veteran homeschool mom, and she let me into her world. I am so glad, that even in Germany, I have other mentors to visit and chat with, and I am especially thankful to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and TOS Crew Members. All of you have really boost my understanding of what homeschooling is really all about.

Anyway, I read through most of The Well-Trained Mind, An Old-Fashion Education website, but my favorites are; Living Books Curriculum and Simply Charlotte Mason.

With Living Books Curriculum-I got the privilege to hear Sheila Carroll speak at an on-line homeschool conference! She was wonderful and she gave us a FREE Get-Acquainted Sample Packet from their website! I was amazed at the content, and I wasn't afraid to try!! Next year I am using this information for our school year---the Charlotte Mason Way!

The Get-Acquainted Pack includes: at a $97 value, (free for a limited time). Contains a 42-page guide, two audio workshops, curriculum samples, LBC planner & subscription to Parents’ Journal.

My two boys are going into the 4th grade and 7th grade--the packet is my main help in organizing their curriculum for next year.

I also enjoy this website; Ambleside Online. Actually before I started homeschooling, a homeschool mom recommended this over anything else. I will use there list (per grade level) for reading assignment throughout the year and maybe start over this summer as reading guide. Many of the books I have found are on-line at Project Gutenberg and FREE!!! Great outstanding classical books, ready to be read from. I also found a website that list most if not all the G.A. Henty books for FREE!!! Love it, Love it!!

So anyway, here is our Course of Study. Believe me--I know it looks like a lot (at least to me), but it's a rough draft, nothing set in stone. Might get through it all, might not get through a third of it. Only God knows and we are on His plan & time.

For my Pre-K

* Hooked on Phonics (Reading/Language)
* Little Hands to Heaven (Activities; colors, shapes, numbers, letters)
* ABC Memory Verse (Verse Memorization)
* A Beka Primary Bible Reader KJV
* Bible Lapbooking

For my 4th grader

Devotions: Plants Grown Up by Doorposts
Math: Math-U-See: start out with Gamma
Science: Exploring Creation with Astronomy
English: English 4, Rod & Staff... and once per week Writer's Express
Bible: Answers for Kids and scheduled Bible Reading: Historical Plan(all of us will be on this plan of reading) & for Bible Projects I will use Grapevine Studies for hands-on.
Spelling: Spelling Power
Health: A Beka Health 4th grade
A Beka 4th grade readers (4 books)
History: Ancient Civilization & the Bible, Family Curriculum
Nature Study: Handbook of Nature Study
Foreign Language: Instant Immersion-Spanish
American History: The History of US by Joy Hakim and various books from Library
Penmanship: Horizons Penmanship 4
Geography: A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth
Poetry: McGuffey Reader
Shakespeare: MidSummer Night's Dream

My 7th Grader

Devotions: Plants Grown Up by Doorposts
Math: Life of Fred: Fractions and Decimals & Percentages
Science: Answers Book, Answers in Genesis and Apologia Science, General Science, 2ed
English: English 7, Rod& Staff and once per week Write Source-2000
Health: Nutrition 101: Choose Life!
Bible: A Beka, Exodus/Life of Christ & for Bible Projects I will use Grapevine Studies for hands-on.
History: Ancient Civilizations & the Bible (Family Pack) and Pak's Time Line
Spelling: Spelling Power
Nature Journal: Handbook of Nature Study
Foreign Language: A Beka Spanish 1
American History: The History of US by Joy Hakim(I got VOL. 1-7 off of Ebay, but the library can get them for me)
Poetry: McGuffey Reader
Shakespeare: MidSummer Night's Dream
Geography: A Child's Geography-Explore His Earth

I have not receive yet, but we will TRY to include Picture Study and Music Study to our list of things to do. We'll see how it goes with this new outline, but I am super excited to start and I know the kids will have more fun this year!

As you can see, I am combining as many subjects as possible except English, Math, Spanish, and Bible. I am excited and apprehensive, but I feel that if I start now with planning (another tool I received from Living Books Curriculum) it will go smoothly. Praying and hoping for a good year.

At the end of this week we will be at 154 days of schooling. So give or take, we will need another month to complete this year. We would have finished by this time, but we took off the month of November (vacation back in the States, most of December, and 3 weeks in March (funeral) that took a chunk of school time...but overall I feel it's been a successful homeschool year!!

Again, I love getting an email from AOP's mailing list with Daily Focus. I love reading the daily devotion and it definitely gives a message (always) what I need for the day.

Happy Homeschooling! ;)
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Gingerbread Mommy said...

Hey Jessica,
I am starting to plan for next year's official CM year too. Keep us posted on how it is going for you. Thanks for your reminders of some great sites to go for help!

Jessica S. said...

Sure thing Carrie!! :)

K-tribe said...

I would really like to hear what you think of MUS... I just switched from Singapore to Saxon.. I was thinking of doing Teaching Texbooks next year. Math is not a strong point for me, so I struggled with trying to teach and learn Singapore math..

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