August Homeschool Happenings...

04 September 2009

August has come and gone so fast---my head is spinning. I can’t even remember most of what happened because it was like Flash Gordon!! These super big highlights are few…

1. DS1 finished creating a website with Web Design for Kids

2. School project: Adopt-a-Tree--- Willow Tree

3. Leaf Art Project

4. Well, we have started and completed our first month for our homeschooling year in August. Through ups and downs---we are surviving and glad to say we are doing well and on our 25th day of school. I am using a system called the Workbox System from Sue Patrick and it amazingly helps us along for a more organized and shorter day. We usually start between 0800-0830, depending how we all feel…then our schedule goes something like this:

Art How Great Thou Art Book 1 & 2 (once a week)
Spanish SOS Elementary Spanish(three times a week-for now)
Lapbooking using A Journey through Learning: The Parables of Jesus & other topics like Autumn, Reptiles, Amphibians, and others...

On a good day we finish right at 1230 PM for lunch and the rest of the day is free…either for ‘homework’ or chores, and/or play.

In between that time, the younger two go a little something like this:

Lucas (after eating breakfast) watches a ½ video of either blues clues or veggies tales. Roman finishes up breakfast
They both have free play (e.g.-blocks, toys, dinosaurs, etc.)
Roman is ready for AM naptime.

Then around 0930/1000 –Lucas is ready for ‘pre-K’ and baby boy ready for Nap time
Lucas and I read about shapes, colors, numbers---then he does an activity; such as cutting with scissors and/or dry ease board writing…but, he mainly just wants to ‘read.’ When he gets bored, I’ll let him go back to the playroom and then he does more free time play. Roman wakes up around Lunch time.

So, by 1230 –done with school or not we have Lunch. I let the boys play in the back ground till lunch is ready, we eat, clean up and if there not much left to do—we go back to school. If they are done with school, then we start daily chores around the house.

At most, it’ll take a couple of hours to clean. They help fold laundry, put it away, and clean their rooms, their bathroom, Ethan with dishes, Benny with playroom.

After chores it’s free time. By 1330 -1400 Lucas goes down for his afternoon nap while Roman plays a little longer with me. Soon he’ll be ready for his PM naptime.

By 1600, we are ready to go for the boys Soccer practices… basically did a trial time in the last week of August…

So almost everyday of the week….ALL three will have soccer practice and games Friday/Saturdays. And of course, we have church Wednesday and Sundays.

Needless to say, we are an up and running kind of family. But we have fun and spend quality time together.

I have noticed that the boys are much more recipient to each other now—of course they still fight now and then, but I have found Ethan asking Benny if he wants more cereal or asking to help him----whereas before, that would HAVE never happened.

So, all is well with my soul. I want to say, thank you Lord for giving me such a wonderful family to care for and bring glory to your name during this time in our lives. I pray my boys do grow in love, grace, and honor during these trying times in the world.

We are definitely taking it day by day, and sometimes hour by hour.


Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job it sounds like, managing all the kids in an organized manner! It is no easy task. We are also finished with most of the schoolwork by lunchtime; my 3rd grader is extremely independent and can do most of her work on her own, and does a little more in her bedroom in the afternoon. She makes homeschooling easy and fun! Blessings to you on your journey!

Jessica S. said...

Thanks Renee, most days (so far) we finish by lunchtime...its the spelling words, homework we'll have to tweak a little! :) Thank you for encouraging words! Is your third grader a boy or girl...I will assume girl...for working boys do need constant guidance... LOL!!! Maybe someday!! :)
Blessings on your journey too!

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