The Review of Hank the Cowdog©: The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse and the new game called, TORNADO! Followed by a Hank the Cowdog CD

01 September 2009

Book #8: The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse

Hello fellow Texans and of course everyone else!! How ya'll doing?? My children and I finally finished the book, The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse, by John R. Erickson. In Hank’s adventures this book is number 8 of 31. It definitely brought back memories of my childhood days reading Hank the Cowdog©. I am a Texan-born and raised—so it was such a delight to read it to my children-even if only for a nostalgic reason. We had a school teacher who would set apart some time for Hank. We had to listen to Hank on a cassette tape and listen to his crazy, funny adventures. I believe John R. Erickson was that particular teacher’s favorite author and I thank her for sharing the love of Hank the Cowdog.

About The Case of the One-eyed Killer Stud Horse…my favorite character is Pete the Barncat. Sorry, yes I am a cat person, but Hank is also my favorite. *wink-wink* Anyway, I won’t give the whole story up—because that’s the fun part of reading a good book—but Hank’s mentality is this, “But part of being a cowdog and a Head of Ranch Security lies in being just a little tougher than your average run of dogs.” Sometimes having too much pride and not being content with what you get, someone can always steal your eggs…

My children laughed so hard when Hank the Cowdog© and Pete the Barncat interact with each other. It’s like the movie Cats and Dogs, but only better! Poor Hank, he gets into so much trouble! Sally May reminds me a little of someone I know---sometimes we want things to be perfect when ‘kinfolk’ come to visit---but in the end it’s not how clean the tub is, but the company and time spent well with family.

Well, the story goes on when Hank and Drover carry on…the case of the Mysterious Whinny in the home pasture; in which becomes Tuerto, The One-Eye Killer Stud Horse…you’ll have to read the rest it to find what happens...

Oh, and a little secret to give you- it pays to have a Texan accent! I guess it’s never too late to learn... Ya’ll have a good day—ya hear! I reckon we will too!

You can go here to listen to an audio excerpt and view the product page from Maverick Books.

Game: Tornado, Hank the Cowdog Game
The wildest Race and Chase GAME ever!!

We had the privilege to try out a new game called Tornado. Its travel size and I’d like to say that it’s loads of fun. My boys and I took it out of its box…some assembly is required, but very minimal, that my 3rd grader could do it by himself.

Once we had the board ready and game pieces in check, it only took some minutes to learn how to play the game by reading the rules of the game which is located here. My 3rd grader likes to say that he loves it when he can knock you back (get you caught in the whirlwind) –in which you’d have to go back to starting position. When you think you’re going to win, the whirlwind takes you for a ride!

We definitely have fun with the game! Hank, being one of the characters, as well as the Buzzard, and Hank’s pal-Drover. Even after I was Tornado-out, my boys would play the game with each other. Even my 3 year old could play with guidance. Tornado is definitely a cute, fun, and entertaining game, great for a road-trip or when the children have an activity time or free play time.

What is included in the game Tornado??
-1 plastic playing board
-12 "characters"
-tornado spinner
**For 2-4 players -Ages 5+**

Also included with the game is an audio cassette:
Hear "Drover's Tornado Safety Song." Drover's funny song is included on your free 30 minute cassette tape from Hank's award winning audio, The Case of the Swirling Killer Tornado.

At a great price of only $12.99, get it for your family and/or for a wonderful gift to a friend! Don't get caught in the TORNDADO like I did!!

Tales and Tunes from Hank the Cowdog: Story Excerpts from 10 books and 9 original songs CD.

This is one CD you will enjoy again and again with family and friends!
Don’t leave home without Hank!

Another means of expression vehicle for Hank the Cowdog is this great CD. If you have never experienced Hank the Cowdog like it was intended for, this is a great supplement to your library along with the series of Hank the Cowdog. With 10 excerpts of Hank the Cowdog series and 9 original songs all written, sang, produced by John R. Erickson-it’s a great buy and a wonderful experience to have with the children. You can actually listen to an audio excerpt here for this particular CD!

PRICE: What a GREAT DEAL at only $3.00 USD!! Please go here to view price and other Hank the Cowdog information.

Get ready for laughs when you listen to these excerpts from ten of Hank’s stories.

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product given to me and how my family used it.

To view other REVIEWS on this product and more-please click on the icon below. Thanks for viewing!! :)


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