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09 September 2009

In these difficult economic times, a DEAL like this is truly a blessing to many of you. It was an overwhelming response to our offer, and we appreciate your confidence in TOS to bring the best in homeschooling information and encouragement to you and your family. Subscribe or renew to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for only 7.95!

$7.95 subscription offer extended to 1000 more subscriptions! TOS one-year digital subscription is also on sale for $7.95!

Makes a perfect gift that lasts all year!

NOW is the time to purchase a gift subsription for a friend or family member. For just $7.95 you can send a birthday, early Christmas, or an "I'm thinking of you!" gift to someone special. A year of TOS would be especially encouraging to someone new to homeschooling or a family who might be struggling with their homeschooling efforts. None of us likes to feel we are alone in our homeschooling--with TOS you'll be encouraged, inspired, and reminded that you are not alone! Subscribe or renew to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for only 7.95!

It's easy to purchase a gift subscription by following these easy steps:

1. Go to the one-year print subscription (US only) page in the Schoolhouse Store.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
3. Complete the name, address, email, and phone information for each gift recipient.
4. Click the Add to Cart link.
5. Each of the recipients will then appear in your cart as a subscription.
6. Continue shopping or simply move on to the checkout process.

New and renewing subscriptions get the $7.95!
Already a subscriber? Add onto your existing subscription NOW. Lock into this unbelievable price. We'll add onto the end of your current subscription. Just put the word "renewal" in the comments at checkout.

If you missed the details . . . You can receive a one-year print subscription (US only) or a one-year digital subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine for only $7.95.
TOS sold out their original 2000 available subscriptions. But are offering 1000 more!

Don't wait too long, though. The first 2000 went quickly!
Order online or by phone at 1-888-718`-HOME (4663)


Subscribe to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for 7.95

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TOS is the leading, Christian, homeschool publication and a trusted source of information worldwide. This approximately-200-page, quarterly magazine is packed with important, up-to-date news, useful information, and inspiring content for the enjoyment and interest of homeschooling families. TOS's mission is to produce a high-quality, Biblically-based magazine that stands alone as a practical resource and introduces relevant products and services to the home educator.


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