Strawberry Picking Goodness

15 June 2011

Friend of mine, Rhonda, ask me one morning to go to the local strawberry field in our German town and I accepted the invitation and boy was it a treat.

Normally I am not the type to go out a venture for my 'food' --and if you called that an you'd know I am not much of a farmer... ha ha ha

Anyhow, the boys and I really enjoyed going out to visit this small, but lovely patch of strawberries conveniently located in the city...

We were scheduled to go the next day with a group of ladies from post, but Rhonda had mentioned that rain was on the forecast for that day and I really didn't want to take four boys to a muddy field and expect them to behave. ;) (as it turned out the weather was too bad, but still)

As we were bending down to view the strawberry plants I was reminded of my (grand)mother in her field-working days. My grandmother adopted me in my early years and I remember her working in the fields in the hot weather in Smallville, Texas. (not really the name but the state is right)... I remember getting up while it was still dark outside, she made several bean tacos for us all to eat for lunch, wrapped them in foil individually and packed them up to go. I really can't remember who all went, but I know a couple of my cousins tagged along too.

I can remember one day trying to pick up the hoe and try to imitate what they were doing...everyone got a kick out it..."The kid thinks working in the field is FUN!!" It's definitely HARD WORK!! I thought it was fun, because I was with my mom. Though life had its ups and downs living with grandparents, I still can remember days were it was memorable...

Back to strawberry picking...I told my boys about those times with my grandmother in the day like this one...can you imagine it boys?? I suppose at some point we all go through the stage of telling about grandparents to our children, especially if that's all you have (the memories).

The boys really took to picking the strawberries. We first looked and observed the plants, looked at what I wanted them to pick and then look at berries we DIDN'T want to pick. Even my two year old got it right!! We ended up with a basket full of strawberries!! Cost me 15 Euros (about 20 USD)!!

I loved it when my oldest said, "This is addicting" and went further down to pick even more strawberries...

It was a great outing to go to with my boys and reminiscing about my mother who has been passed away 1 year now. That's the greatness of having understand what our parents went through in order to raise us and learn from them; their successes and failures.

At least I know my boys are not allergic to working. ;) ~Must be doing something right.

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work [be] pure, and whether [it be] right. ~ Proverbs 20:11

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