Last Co-Op for the Year 2010-2011

11 May 2011
Well, as far as putting together a small homeschool co-op--I am glad that we were able to finish out the year nicely. It started out with a fairly great amount of homeschoolers, but as with the military life goes; some families had PCS (leave to go to their next duty station), or chose to live near family back in the states (during a deployment), and/or some stopped attending altogether (for whatever reason). We dwindled down to four families --which is totally fine.

My boys enjoy the mornings and looked forward to them so that they could interact with other homeschoolers in our small overseas community. We planned and stayed with only once per month for the Co-Op; seemed doable and it was...for such a small group. At first we planned out group field trips, but with a small group and as it downsized --we went alone as a family for field trips in the end.

Anyway, for our homeschool co-op we only had art and gym. I did the gym class and my boys said they had fun. We were able to use a facility on-post (school-age center) --which was very nice and convenient. They let us utilize their art room/gym & gym equipment.

Remind me, I have to do something nice for the director or someone at the facility...

So overall, I'd say it was definitely a FIRST YEAR OF HOMESCHOOL CO-OP SUCCESS!

Next year, we plan to add History course to our Co-Op. I do pray everything gets worked out for next year. I'll have to plan (get with the SAC again) for next year's never ends! ;)

Here is a photo of their last art project from the Co-Op:

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Kimberly said...

Great Art Projects!!
Congrats on your 1st co-op year success!!

(my blogger says I am already following you, but your posts do no appear on the list of 'recently posted'- so I guess I better re-follow)

The Cast said...

Glad it went well!

gen said...

lovely art, I love the dragon- so creative!


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