The Homeschool Post: My Swap Sister Exchange

05 May 2011

What is the Swap Sister Exchange?

Here are the basic rules for every swap:

1. Don’t offer to participate and sign up if you can’t get the gift in the mail on time (you have 2 months).
2. Don’t spend more than 15$ on your swap gift (not including postage). You will end up making your buddy feel like they didn’t give enough to you.
3. Get to know your swap buddy. Pray for them! Send them a Bible verse! Email them! Etc.!
4. Do NOT share your swap buddies’ personal information (last names or addresses) with anyone else.
5. Make sure you post a photo and ‘Thank You’ for your swap sister – thanking her and linking to her blog.
6. Email me a copy of your swap post link so I can showcase it for the following month!

Are YOU interested in participating and being a blessing to another homeschool mom? I was!! It's always nice getting a care package from someone else... It's about being blessed by another homeschool mom, finding a new friend, a new homeschool blog, new ideas, encouragement, and prayer for your swap sister.

During the time we signed up my Swap Sister, Savannah, was pregnant with her third child, and now has a beautiful baby boy, Josiah, added to her already lovely family.

She is also quite talented...she has her own Esty Shop, named Baby Bundle Boutique. So check her out!

She lives in Canada and with me being in Germany...well you can imagine it (mailing out the care package) took longer than expected, but I was a glad receipient this week. We were to mention some of the things we love...and she did get some of my favorite favorite of everything is some Chai Tea. I will definitely enjoy.

Thank you so much Savannah for being my Swap Sister!!

More information about the Homeschool Swaps, please visit here.

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