A Product Review: All About Spelling: What Am I?

16 April 2010
I was excited to review ALL ABOUT SPELLING because I have two under the age five and I have been thinking about what I was going to use for language arts for them. Not worried about it anymore.


The items of review and what was sent to me were:
1. ALL ABOUT SPELLING: Level One book; step-by-step lesson plans
2. Level One Material Packet
(Which includes: *tokens, *phonogram cards, *sound cards, *key cards, *word cards, *index card dividers, *progress chart, *completion certification)

Note: Level One & Level Two Cards are now perforated; just fold & cut, no cutting out.

3. ALL ABOUT SPELLING: Letter Tiles (Learning tool)
(Five heading labels, *contains 108 tiles with tile magnets, color coded, and letter tile layout)
4. ALL ABOUT SPELLING: The Basic Phonograms; An interactive audio program CD-ROM (compatible with PC/MAC)
5. ALL ABOUT SPELLING: Level Two book: step-by-step lesson plans

6. Level Two Material Packet
(*phonogram cards, *sound cards, *key cards, *word cards, *index card dividers, *syllable tags, *syllable division rules, *word banks, *jail for rule breakers, *progress chart, * completion certificate)

Starter Kit (Letter tiles, magnets, Phonogram CD-ROM) $26.95
Necessary for teaching Levels 1 to 6. $31.85 if purchased separately

Level 1 (Teacher's Manual and One Student Material Packet) $29.95

Level 2 (Teacher's Manual and One Student Material Packet) $39.95

At first glance, for so much material, I am very pleased on how organized the program is…color coded to labeling on the materials located in the packets. It makes for an enjoyable learning time.

All cards are printed on card stock, but for lasting durability (in case you are teaching multiply ages/levels) I would recommend laminating the cards.

A quote that I love that was mentioned here is that of:
“Success is the sum of small efforts—repeated day in and day out.” - Robert Collier (author)

Repetition is playing a major role in ALL ABOUT SPELLING.

The only child that I am able to use ALL ABOUT SPELLING (level I) with is my pre-K at the moment. My older two are in 3rd and 6th grades and discovering phonograms with them is not needed, but they do use the letter tiles sometimes for their spelling practices/tests.

What I really enjoy about ALL ABOUT SPELLING curriculum is that it combines all multisensory learning; visual (letter tiles, flashcards, seeing words); auditory (reviewing cards orally, CD segments); kinesthetic (writing down, using letter tiles) throughout the program.

All activities keep my boy involved and he interacts with the program…not just being ‘taught’ to. Going through the flashcards and using the tiles for letters has been super! At only being 3 almost 4 years old, I can assume that he’ll be an early reader with working with both Level I and Level II.

Again, with being a homeschool mom and only using this program with my 3 year old, I have made some minor adjustments to the program–I have tailored for my family…but eventually we will use all of the sections and materials provided when he is ready for it; and I have had no issues with adjusting to our family.

Level I and II goes from phonogram cards, sound cards, key cards, to word cards. Right now we are using the phonogram cards, sound cards, tile letters, and the CD audio program.

Being a new homeschool mom with a pre-k and soon-to-be at reading level…it frightened me on what I would use for reading skills, phonics, and spelling skills, but no more I am completely satisfied with this homeschool spelling program.

ALL ABOUT SPELLING is fantastic! My third grader actually loves using the tiles for his spelling words, and he also likes to help out his smaller brother with the letter cards. With my younger one he adores having to have the flashcards and we can spend a good 10-20 minutes going through them before he gets preoccupied with something else.

So for his age, I think it’s great to keep his attention for that amount of time. The step-by-step plans in Book I are every bit helpful (especially if you’re new to the program), easy to read and understand. It has helpful hints added in, activities to do, ideas for when there’s something new to teach, etc.

I cannot wait to fully use this program for my younger ones.

If you wish to add reading to this language arts program, I would suggest what we have received, Beehive Reader I. This book corresponds with ALL ABOUT SPELLING Level I course.

"We love this book. As a homeschool family of six and with two preschool children, this book comes in handy and with some shelf-life to boot! With Beehive Reader 1 being a hardcover, I love the durability, the drawings are beautiful and interesting; and catches the attention of my 15 month old and 3.5 year old. My older two boys had read this book to their younger siblings. When it comes time for my 3.5 year old to learn how to read...it's already beginning and All About Spelling is definitely a key part in that role. Reading is Life!! Thank you for an excellent book."

My review of the Beehive Reader l is located here. More about Beehive Reader 1 please go here.

While we have not actually commenced with Level II, the concept is the same. Step-by-step lesson plans, flashcards, activities like; clapping to the syllables, spelling out the words, read aloud, and using the tiles—all to which reinforce spelling and reading.

Dictation becomes a key practice with Level II, from words then to sentences. This reinforces what he’ll be learning and in return he’ll comprehend it more.

Both Books have scope and sequences for Level I and Level II, which I enjoy because this is my first year everything, to include early elementary teaching.

I would definitely recommend ALL ABOUT SPELLING.


With Level II, just like Beehive Reader 1 is made for Level 1, Level II has a series set to come out and enhance ALL ABOUT SPELLING, Level II.

What Am I? A collection of short stories, (Level II, Vol. 1), by Marie Rippel (creator of ALL ABOUT SPELLING) and Renee LaTulippe that has not been released just yet and the same price as Beehive Reader I at $19.95. What Am I? covers through Level 2, Steps 1-14. Both these books are geared for the program, but they can be used on their own.

Sample Page

With all the spelling and review, the collection of 10 stories is made for the child in mind. All which help reinforce the words learned and helps reading be fun and exciting for him and me!! This reader will be available for $19.95 from the All About Spelling website this month. So bookmark ALL ABOUT SPELLING!

I will definitely remember this moment when I have helped my children learn his phonics and the skill of reading& spelling. ALL ABOUT SPELLING is a homeschool spelling program that I have enjoyed because of the curriculum itself brings flow and ease of implementing, lessons plans for me, activities for him, and it's a multisensory program that brings it all together quite nicely and satisfying.

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product and how my family used it. The TOS HOMESCHOOL CREW is a group of 100+ product reviewers who share reviews on MANY products that are available to homeschoolers. For more reviews of ALL ABOUT SPELLING please go here.


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