The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling: A Book Review

08 January 2010

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell
The latest version of the best-selling, award-winning definitive guide to homeschooling is hot off the press from Apologia Educational Ministries. Now bigger,and better ( all the latest Websites, resources and innovations) and current ( an extraordinary team of homeschooling parents helped refresh, research and edit this volume)!

Look what's inside:
Foreword by Michael Farris
Tips to use this book
Part 1: Homeschooling: Is it for You?
Part 2: Choosing a Curriculm
Part 3: Organization and Planning
Part 4: Preventing Burnout
Part 5: What to Teach—When and How
Part 6: Homeschooling Teens
Part 7: Computers in the Homeschool
Part 8: Creative Solutions
Part 9: Measuring Your Success
Pre-Game Pep Talk
Part 10: Resource Guide
Contact Author

Six ingredients of a successful homeschool
Ten ways to motivate the reluctant learner
Creative solutions to burnout, budgets, toddlers and time
Homeschooling through high school
Raising an independent learner
Determining your child's learning style
Subject-by-subject guidelines
Navigating college admissions channels
Using the Internet, on-line courses and technology
Transitioning from school to home
Networking with other homeschoolers
Planning fantastic field trips and co-operative experiences
Plus, a resource guide directing you to the best organizations, contests, publications and curricula suppliers

Review on The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell;

Apologia Educational Ministries
This book is a revised edition published by ApologiaPress, 2009.
ISBN: 978-1-932012-98-9
Approx 509 pages + index
Price: $20.00, where you can locate here to purchase.

Sample Chapter
Table of Contents

Go to Apologia Educational Ministries for further information of this book.This homeschool resource one of the 100 Top Picks for Home school Curriculum by author Cathy Duffy and has a foreword by Michael Farris, Founder of the HSLDA foundation. –So, you know it’s a reliable source.

As Michal Farris states in his foreword, I too, believe that this resource is for the veteran homeschooler and an excellent resource guide for the new or contemplating homeschool families.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling has suggested readings, websites, voices from experiences, buying and resource guide, and “bell files” (which are actually examples of real-life situations).

Chapter 30 was a good read for me, Transitioning from School to Home. “The largest growth in the homeschool ranks is coming from families withdrawing children from a public or private school.” YEP, we fit into this category also.

This book is on of the 100 Top Picks for HomeSchool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy. And has a foreword by Michael Farris, Founder of the HSLDA foundation. –So, you know it’s a reliable source. This much valuable information in one book, for $20.00—I’d say it’s a good deal. What is great is that you can read this book cover-to-cover or select by topic (e.g. Part 2: Choosing a Curriculum or like Part 4: Preventing Burnout).

Resource guide alone is superb! For the price and the information listed in the book, the price of $20.00 USD is worth it to me.

To review other reviews on this product, please go here.

Go to Apologia Educational Ministries for further information of this book.

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product and how my family used it.


Heidi said...

I got a lot out of this book, even after homeschooling for 8 years!

Jessica S. said...

Cool!! I like it alot too!! :) We started a homeschool group on post and I think I want to start my own 'library' of homeschool books to lend out...I am sure people want to view this book! :)

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