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04 October 2009

I am always amazed how each month flies by...when your busy!! September 2009 has been a month like all others, nothing too exciting but never-the-less a blessing to us all. I always reflect and think about there will never be another Sept. 2009...oh well....on to the next thing. Can't say too much about this last month other than:

1. Finished our second month of homeschooling, on day 45 coming up this week.

2. Found out BOTH boys need new glasses to go along with their new PX's. UGH.

3. Roman is WALKING!! oh noooooo! ;)

4. Hubby has been TDY for half the month...not the most ideal place to be, but we have been managing...awaiting for his return until he gets back! Planning for a trip to visit FAMILY!!!! Three years is a long time to not 'see' any family...excited to going!! Family we finally meet our fourth child! ;)

5. Soccer is going well for both my boys...haven't lossed a game yet! Nice to be on the winning side for once! :) (Yes, my boys have always been on the not-winning (loser) teams in the past, and yet they still play and enjoyed the game. Winning the game is just an added bonus, but not always the focus of playing sports for us.)

Winning is awesome in sports, but it's not everything.

6. Being Soccer mom and ordering trophies for a team is NOT the greatest job ever to be created...getting volunteered into doing it also is not the greatest either--but someone has to do it right???

BTW--How do you feel about giving out awards just for participation?? One parent was very firm about not doing end of season trophies or team parties because well, she stated that she does not reward for sports. She did say that with academic achievements on the other hand--yes. I can relate to that mentality. Academics supersedes sports in my book, but being a cross-country and track & field buff (in my school years), I think it helps to recognize all aspects of the child; to include sports. I can honestly say that being in sports actually saved me from alot of trouble-making.

By participating in sports, you couldn't fail any academic courses or you could not participate. You learn about team work, relationships, achievements and disappointments in sports. You reach goals, strive for accomplishing those goals, recognize the need to reevaluate goals, etc. etc. What do kids do when they are bored?? They get into trouble. My family life growing up was not that admirable (on so many levels) so having an outlet helped me mentally as well.

I guess I am just saying that I don't mind giving them trophies...but, I do make sure to let them know that it's not just a given. Some seasons when money is tight or an issue occured for whatever reason, trophies/team photos were not bought. It's not something I HAVE TO do for's a gift to let them know that I am proud of them. Working towards goals along side good sportsmanship (being a sore loser in life is a NO GO) always have good outcomes in the end.

Well, October is already here~ Two of my boys will have birthdays...gotta figure out what to do for that! :) Field trip coming up and so forth... Until next month...many blessing to all.


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