Nature Friend Magazine: A Product Review

08 October 2009

Nature Friend Magazine began in January 1983, and is now owned by Kevin and Bethany Shank since 2006. So, what is the Nature Friend Magazine??

Here is some quick information:
Nature Friend Magazine website is located here.
Nature Friend Magazine is delivered to your home.

Nature Friend Magazine:
1 Year Subscription $36.00 USD
2 Year Subscription $68.00 USD
NF Study Guide: Add the Study Guide for $2.00 for each issue.
To go to their subscription page for details please go here.

Save now until November 30, 2009, please use this coupon code BLOG93 to save $3 on your NEW subscription!

Links of interest:
1. Sample of the Nature Friend Magazine is found here.
2. Sample of Study Guide (April 2009) please go here.
3. Hard Bound Volumes for 2007 and 2008 are located here. (Great gift idea for your family or friends!)
4. Homeschool Guide with Nature Friend Magazine is here.

The Nature Friend Magazine and the Nature Friend Study Guide are two separate products that compliment each other. The purpose of the Nature Friend Study Guide is to reinforce what you have learned for that particular month in the Nature Friend Magazine.

What we love about this magazine is that readers can participate and contribute to the Nature Friend Magazine with each issue it brings.

Each month brings you:

* You Can Draw: Art lessons and prints of previous subscribers art
* Pictures and Poems: Subscribers can submit nature-related poems and artwork
* Creation Close-up: Enter your nature photographs (Love photography and the photos are wonderful!)
* Nature Trails: Where subscribers (young and old) can be featured with their stories/photos about the activities done with the season
* Learning by Doing: This is a science related feature where it gives the children an opportunity to do an experiment with the theme of the magazine for that month.

The STUDY GUIDE includes so much more:
* For your Research: To challenge the student to more in depth learning
* A Study in Nature, a lesson in Writing: teaches creative writing using nature as the prime example
* The Photo Critique: Nature photography tips
* Exercises: Crossword puzzles, fill-in-the-blanks, true and false, and so much more!

The BEST PART of the Nature Friend Magazine is that it is Christian based. God is center and this magazine highlights all of God's glory from the smallest animals to various areas of the world. My family truly enjoyed reviewing the issues for the months of August 2009 and September 2009.

August 2009 Nature Friend Magazine highlighted Owls: the Screech Owl in particular. High quality photography, lively articles from subscribers (even the children), crossword puzzles, "You can Draw" (a Fawn)--we love to see the artwork from other children. My son loves nature, science, and art. This magazine includes all his favorite 'subjects' wrap into one magazine. It's a super magazine. I also love that it gives God all the glory for nature. We have tried other secular magazines for my boys, but none that I truly enjoy passing on--except for this one, Nature Friend Magazine.

September 2009 Nature Friend Magazine highlighted Birds: the Weaverbirds in particular. My children love turtles, we have one named Jaws. So, my boys loved the short article on the snapping turtle, written by a 12 y/o girl. This prompts my boys into saying, "Oh, remember that time in Missouri when we saw a snapping turtle in our backyard??" "Yes, yes I remember boys--I was trying to stay away from it." :) The best photo was of the Canadian Lynx. My hometown is home to the Dimmitt Bobcats---so the lynx reminded me of my childhood years....

So much is available just in one issue. For me it is worthwhile to subscribe to Nature Friend Magazine--anything and everything is worthy of observation and study. It definitely makes you want to go out and photograph nature in and around us and be witnesses to our own nature stories. Hey, you never might have your child's first published story with Nature Friend Magazine!

Lastly, my favorite part of the magazine is the "Motto for the Month" in the Nature Friend Study Guide by Kervin Good. He uses his own photography and uses scripture or other inspirational sayings with outstanding photography. Just viewing the photos makes me know that their IS a Creator and He is worthy our of praise!

Thank you for such a wonderful magazine!

Nature Friend Magazine: Helping Families Explore the Wonders of God's Creation.

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product and how my family used it.

To view other reviews on this product and other educational products please visit here.


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