A Journey Through Learning: Lapbooking Review

03 October 2009

A Journey Through Learning is a great company made from two Christian home-school mothers that offers numerous lap books, unit studies, notebooks, and copy work made available through three different forms of media:

1.) immediate download, 2.) CD, 3.) or Printed.

My children and I viewed 5 of their products (Lap books):

1. Parables of the King: Lap book with Study Guide 2nd grade-8th grade)
2. Amphibians: Lap book with Study Guide (2nd grade-7th grade)
3. Reptiles: Lap book with Study Guide (2nd grade-7th grade)
4. The Desert: Lap book with Study Guide (2nd grade-7th grade)
5. Autumn: Lap book with Study Guide (2nd grade-7th grade)

To view sample pages go here.

Pricing for each item:
Instant Download: $13.00 USD
CD: $14.00 USD
Print: $21.00 USD

Being new to lap booking scence-I was excited about reviewing this lap books and we have definitely enjoyed lap booking for the first time! The templates and study guides from A Journey Through Learning are easy to use because instructions are placed on each page for your convenience.

There is such a variety of lap books that it is almost (*wink wink*) hard to choose from because they are all great studies…most of the lap books and study guides have complimentary notebook pages and copy work pages (which can be purchased separately).

The very first lap book of the five included in this review; we did “The Parables of the King.” We used this as devotion before going to bed or sometimes in early afternoon depending on the day. I had the templates cut out and supplies ready to be used beforehand. The children would take turns reading the scripture from our Bible and then after short discussion, they were enthralled with putting together the lap book.

I love that all lap books with study guides (I have used so far) can be used with multi-age levels. My 3 year old (while he can’t read) was able to participate by listening to scripture and coloring and pasting some of the lap books together templates for the lap books.

Even though we are new to lap booking we are sure to do a repeat with these subjects and with other topics of course. It is something that you can jump right into and then become even more detailed later on with experience. We have come to love it and we are enjoying doing them together. Best thing is: my children are learning!! Hence, A Journey Through Learning is most appropriate title.

The second/third on the list was the Science lap books: Amphibians and Reptiles. These two lapbooks with study guide fit in well into our home school curriculum. As with my school-age children, both are learning the animal’s classification in science. My third grader is also doing a science animal project about Fish, Birds, Mammals, Invertebrates, Amphibians, and Reptiles.

In which A Journey Through Learning lap books and study guides on Amphibians and Reptiles have helped with their projects and being used as supplements to their school work and science notebook/projects. If a child is interested in a certain topic or you, as the home school mother, want to focus more on a subject; lap booking is easy, fun, and a great way to accomplishing that goal.

We have as of yet gone through the Autumn or the Desert Lap books, but plan on using them very quickly in the future. With Fall Season underway and Thanksgiving around the corner—this is a super way to start out the season, and the boys are now getting deeper into their science that they can now use the Desert lap book.

There are lap books for every age and I encourage you to visit their website at A JOURNEY THROUGH LEARNING and let your education and imaginations run wild! Have fun lap booking!! We sure are!

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product I am given and how my family used it.

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