Homeschool Journey, Part 4

27 September 2009

Well, we will be on day 40 (lesson 40) tommorrow. I have been very pleased with A Beka curriculum. No complaints here- it's very concentrated. I feel that's a double-edge sword makes the children work and repeats information so that they can 'store' it in the long-term memory files, rather than the short-term. Benny is getting so much better with his cursive writing, but still a little large 'cursive'-he'll need to tone it down a little and then he'll have great handwriting! He has done wonderfully though; proud of his improvement.

Benny is struggling with so much reading. He is suppposed to be reading everyday!! Not just his school work and the textbooks, but also an extra book for reading. Right now his is reading, 'The Swiss Family Robinson.' To me it's alot of reading for a seven year old...but he does not seem overwhelmed by it. His reading level is definitely getting better and his comprehension is excellent. He is a slow reader, but he knows every detail!!

Benny does his math in record time...he is a natural at math. He said it is his favorite subject. He has already learned his lower time tables 1-5, some of 6, and some simple division right now as well.

My only hard core goal for Benny is to get him more interested in art. He dislikes art because he feels he is not 'good' at it. Doesn't have much confidence in that subject...not sure if it's because he sees Ethan loving it and does well? I tell him art is is what you make of it. If you have to draw a cat, then draw a cat--if it doesn't 'look' exactly like one-- it's called abstract art.

LOL! ;)

Ethan is doing a geographical project on a country of his choice. He picked Korea, specifically South Korea. I love taking him to the library and letting him use the library. He knows how to search for his books on the on-line catalog and then finds the books he needs. Sad to say, sometimes I even have to 'rush' him out of there....I know [bad mommy] :P

He does well with science, reading comprehension, most of his math, and art. History is a little hard and so is 35 difficult words per week for spelling. Struggling a little, but it's because he is doing the minimal on studying for his tests. His is still doing great overall, they both are...for it being our first homeschool year and all.

Glad to say the kids are on track and doing well. What about the smaller two? Well, Lucas and Roman are doing fine. Lucas is wanting to be read to more and more, learning his colors, knows most of the shapes, learning to cut with scissors, and now I am working with him on patterns (color patterns) for learning colors and counting mostly. Lapbooking with Lucas too!! We are doing Biblical ABC lapbooks.
A is for the Angel, B is for Bible, C is for creation, and next we will do D. Not so sure what D is just yet...any suggestions??? He loves singing too!!

Romey is walking now!!!! He has been since 10 months and now is 11 months. I cannot believe that he is almost ONE YEAR'S OLD!! Wow, it has definitely gone by way too fast...

Interesting news:

I am finally apart of the HOMESCHOOL GROUP at our base. It took me some time to really get involved and actually I have yet to be at a group meeting. I did way back in early summer, but now I will attend regularly. It's going to be about 2X per month; one activity on-post and one off-post (like visiting museums, castles, etc.)

Our next field trip will be awesome: Visiting a nearby castle--ever heard of Martin Luther??? That's a little hint of where we are headed too. I missed the last field trip, but from now on we plan on attending. I mean really!! We live in Germany! What is there NOT to see?!

Another great extension to our homeschool is SAS. School Age's really like after-school program (e.g. Boys & Girls Club, 4-H), but since we did have to registar with the school (and then announce we homeschool) I am still guaranteed all resources that are available to any DODDs child. Anyway, to make it short. Ethan and Benny will now have a art teacher (ALL TO THEMSELVES) every Thursday! How great is that?!! AND FOR FREEEEE!! Can't beat that. I am so glad, I feel that having art added (by someone who loves it) to teach and guide them is super. I am especially excited for Ethan because he is my little artist.

He won runner-up last year (at the elementary school)--out of the entire K-5th grade with his acrylic painting. Not to sound proud, but I at least want him to be able to share his work with others. He will be able to enter the annual artistic contest with SAS this year; so there's another outlet that I was concerned about and my prayer's were answered. He is pretty excited too. Benny on the other hand, (because he is a little apprehensive about art) will definitely enjoy and maybe even have a little fun by having it one to one.

Why people don't homeschool is beyond me!! LOL! Loving every minute of it. Of course, it's hard--real hard,but so worth our time. Our Pastor said today, that yes, some of us homeschool, but the TRUE meaning for homeschooling is to raise our children up in the Lord. AMEN!! I so believe this with all my heart. I read can you teach ANYTHING without God in the picture!! SO TRUE. To have them say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, to hear them sing hymns, to hear them recite their verses of study!! To hear them speak of science with God being the center and creator! It's EXCELLENT!! And with all of the issues of morality (or the demoralization of America) it seems every day that homeschooling is all the more advantageous for our children. Of course, this is in reference to our OWN CHILDREN. You as the parent must decide what is right for your family...

Well, day 40. A month or so has past and with God's guidance we shall never look back, but only strive to look ahead. "Christ is a substitute for everything, but nothing is a substitute for Christ." -H.A. Ironside

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shannon717717 said...

good luck with the field trips! i know the kids love having their own art teacher!

Jessica S. said...

Thank you Shannon!! Yes, especially my older boy...Art is definitely his favorite subject (other than Science) ;0) And yes trips are super fun!!! Take care! ;)

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