Homeschool Field Day Trip to Veste Coburg

29 October 2009

My oldest son and I went on a wonderful trip this month to the Coburg Castle or Veste Coburg in Coburg, Germany. WE have seen many castles here in Germany from many small to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, but truthfully I really enjoyed Coburg most.

If you don't know much of the Coburg history, you might know a little of Martin Luther. He of course is most known for the Prostestent Reformation. After writing his The Nine-Five Theses, he was a wanted man by the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope of the time. He translated the Bible from Latin to the German language. To which he concluded that everyone and anyone is WORTH reading the Holy Bible and not a select few. TO which later was translated to English into the King James Bible, in which my family uses today.

Coburg is one of Martin Luthers 'hiding' places. Walking through the area to which he was known to be hidden can imagine the small area of living, being held (almost as a prisoner) hidden from society for the greater good. I do believe he sacrificed a lot with being away from family, being bold against the Catholic church and it's ways, and having the Faith that God would see him through it. I am sure translating a Bible is NO small task!

Coburg Castle has many areas of interest for our children. It was a guided tour geared toward children. The children got to actually wear real armour to see how big and heavy it is, and view the area for weapon storage, and among many various other things...For a layout plan of the castle, please view here.

And to keep Oct. 31st in mind, since it is coming up...this is actually the same date that Martin Luther posted his famous The Ninety-Five Theses on the church door at Wittenberg. The day of birth for Reformation.

To view our pictures taken during this wonderful field trip you can visit here.

Until next time!! Have a wonderful REFORMATION DAY! ;0)


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