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02 November 2009

has well over 5,000+ FREE printables and worksheets contained all on their website at abcteach.

Who can be a member?
Anyone can be an abcteach member, from babysitters and teachers to business owners and parents, etc. We also have site licenses for schools and businesses. ~from abcteach website

As a member, you'll receive access to 35,000+ printables and worksheets (with more added weekly and be notified through abcteach newsletter).

Here are a some benefits:
*Broad range of subjects and levels.
*New materials added weekly to reflect current events and seasonal topics.
*An extensive educational clip art collection that will add color to your classroom.
*No advertising on the member site.
*Customer service representatives who are always available to address your concerns and requests

To view a video tour about abctour please go here and be amazed at all of the items listed from their website! The benefits are super great. You can find just about anything you can imagine on an educational community/website level.

While we use A Beka for our homeschooling, I could use abcteach for fun, supplemental worksheets/pages. I especially loved using

With 20 spelling words for my third grader and up to 50 words for my sixth grader, they wanted a 'fun way' to do their spelling and vocabulary lists, abc tools provided me -with the tools- to creating my own worksheets (e.g. crossword puzzles, word searches in the form of a fish, puppy, among other animal shaped-theme pages). I loved the spelling words to unscramble!

Frankly, it's a little overwhelming at the vast amount of worksheets and ideas, but abcteach has a wonderful website and is user-friendly! I could definitely see abcteach as a plus for anyone with and around children!

Who uses abcteach?

Teachers from pre-k to grade eight, parents, ESL/ESOL instructors, librarians, substitute teachers, homeschoolers, tutors, high school resource room teachers, and specialized educators all use abcteach's incredible selection of ready-to-use printable materials.

When you become an abcteach member, abctools provide these advanced features in addition to the basic features:

Create your own word lists for crossword puzzles, desk tags, word walls, word searches, word shapes and word unscrambles.

Choose from all of abcteach's hundreds of shapes when creating shapebooks.

Create and save shapebooks with as many pages as you like.

Print blank or lined shapebook pages to use as worksheets.

Choose from a variety of pre-made templates when creating handwriting worksheets.

Save your work for future reference, printing, or modification.

Spell check your work.

View your formatted document right in the editing screen.

Add clip art to any worksheet.

Basic Plan for Membership:

$40 per user per year / $70 two years — individuals/groups 2-9

$35 per user per year — groups of 10-29

$25 per user per year — groups of 30 or more. **SUPER SITE LICENSE pricing available for groups of 100 or more. Contact for details.

For more information on individual membership; please go here.

For Renewal Membership please go here.

And for Multi User / Site License Payment please go here.

From Sandy (the abcteach founder):

Sandy's Notes
Thank you for being one of the many visitors to our site. We add new materials weekly. To take the best advantage of abcteach, become a member for less than $3.35 a month!

Sandy Kemsley

Teacher's Choice Award 2007
abcteach has their own blog located here.
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Why is abcteach good for the homeschool family?? Here are 10 reasons why...

For less that a cup of joe (coffee)-this is an excellent tool(s) to have available to homeschoolers and public school teachers alike! Anyone from grandma to a doctor's office looking for educational and FUN ideas for enjoyment or learning, pre-made or customized worksheets---I would definitely recommend abcteach!

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product and how my family used it. The TOS HOMESCHOOL CREW is a group of 100+ product reviewers who share reviews on MANY products that are available to homeschoolers. Please visit the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog for more information.


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