AMAZING Bible World History Timeline: A Review

29 October 2009
In the mail, I received a visual aid with a vast amount of information that fits on very detailed poster the size of 38" x 46.” Of what you might ask? Something called, ‘The Amazing Bible World History Timeline.’ The time line is presented in a compact circular format. "It's 6000 years of Bible and World History together!"

Adam is at the top at 4000 B.C. to current times to 2000 A.D. and all that is in between! WOW! Upon first opening the triangular box (nicely packaged BTW—thank you), I was amazed by the complex and intricate detail of the map. I love maps because they remind me of my Grandfather Alvin. Of the little things we used to do together was watch the History Channel and view various maps (of the States).

At first sight of the wall poster I actually was a little intimated----not so much by the information but by design. We are used to seeing timelines spaced across a linear space rather than circular. After about 5 minutes or so from first opening the package, we began to understand the presenter’s idea of World History and the timeline of the Bible. The best place for us to view it is at eye level on the wall for best visual learning. We place it in my husband’s office beside our computer desk so that it's available at all times, when any of us have a question or studying a certain era or chapter of the Bible and History. This way, it’s easy to cross reference history and the bible and then make discussions…

What is great about this timeline/map is the detail of history. Also, with a couple of visual learners; it puts a lot of ideas and learning into perspective. How interesting about other religions and world eras, ideas that came into effect and being able to bend in. Empires were made and empires were torn down is the lesson for the day. The timeline is color coded so you can track families, nations and world events all happening at the same time easily.

My husband’s take of the map says that it would help a student immensely when that person goes to Bible College with a major in Theology and anyone pursing a degree in World History; sort of like a preliminary study. I mean for my children, now, who are 11, 8, 3, and 1 years old--it really is a bit much, but I can see growth for it. I do enjoy looking at it (when I have time) because history is my favorite subject of all. So, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys learning more of the Bible and World History; whether as a hobby or study. I enjoy it being in chronological order (of course) and it’s rare circular placement, but also as it’s relation to and main focus of the Bible and History around it.

I also think it does a fair job with showing all other religions. I am not so much a fan of it and I am not saying that all roads leads to Christ, but we must study, know, and understand other religions and their cultures so that we can teach our children why it’s unnecessary to do certain things. By studying the world history, it helps them when they grow to be fervent followers of Christ. The knowledge of other religions helps them in general so that they won’t be lead astray or hopefully help them become missionaries in the field (to a certain area) to lead others to Christ. The background knowledge and understanding of other beliefs is crucial — I believe.

Overall, I would say it is plain to see that the makers of the chart spent many, many hours finalizing the timeline and I am sure it’s a work in progress. It’s a wonderful gift to give for anyone who studies their Bible. The timeline can be used for better understanding of the world around us, past and present. But as we all know, only God knows the end time of this world and I pray that our family leads Godly lives and pray that we (as parents) are preparing our children of what is yet to come…

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