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11 September 2009
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E-Book: The New School Year

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The Introduction by Karen Sargent will help you realize that many of us are very much like you. Karen has moved repeatedly as an active-duty Navy spouse, has run several businesses from home, and works part-time editing for The Old Schoolhouse®. She entered her 20th year of homeschooling in 2009 and admits she still needs help with planning and organization. She directs you with honesty: If you are the perfect homeschooling mom who never misses an event, keeps your children perfectly pressed and dressed, your home spotless, assignments completely organized, and everything in life functioning smoothly every single day, then you probably don't need this book. But if, like Karen, you desire to run your home and school a little more smoothly and can admit to desiring some help, then The New School Year will bring you just that: a whole new, better-organized school year!

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