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23 September 2009
After researching the website here for STUDYPOD--I was excited to receive and review this product-The STUDYPOD™

The STUDYPOD is an excellent tool for our homeschooling and everyday living. My family recently started a method for great organization (for our homeschool) and part of the system integrates type-writing in the curriculum. I then immediately thought of the STUDYPOD and how it was going to help with our homeschooling and came to us right when we needed it.

The STUDYPOD is very simple to maneuver, my eight year old son is able to use without any fuss and loves to use it for typewriting, spelling, lap-booking, and so forth. My oldest loves to use it while he reads his extracurricular reading and art. I use it during my own personal Bible study times. I am actually using it now to type this review! ;0)

As the product by-line states, “Smart Products for Smart People.” I believe that it is! STUDYPOD is a excellent tool for everyday use. I like it so much that some of my friends and family can look forward to receiving one as a Christmas gift! Sorry to spoil the excitement of gift-giving, but it should be as easily excited to know they’ll receive the STUDYPOD!

The STUDYPOD has countless uses for our school and home life; from spelling to cooking and the like. It’s very durable comes in colors: black, blue and pink. The STUDYPOD is suggested to use with books under 2.25” thick.

A video to explain the STUDYPOD is here.
A pdf file with instructional use can be seen here.

Shop online here for the STUDYPOD.

STUDYPOD is available in black, blue and pink for $19.95 each
Quantity Discount: 2+ STUDYPOD @ $16.95 each

As a bonus for readers, GENIO is offering a $5 off coupon code for orders from their website. Enter the code TOSBLOG5 when ordering to receive your additional $5 off!

SS: 5 Stars Pictures, Images and Photos Love It!

NOTE: I am not paid to do the product reviews, so my review is exactly how I feel about the educational product given to me and how my family used it.


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