The Homeschool Mom's Journal - August 10th

10 August 2012

In my life this week:

We have been back in the swing of things, already started up full time homeschooling and going into our third week on Monday.  We took this week off because we had friends who are missionaries to Germany stay with us while they drive through and head to CA to drop off their Junior and Freshman to West Coast Baptist College.  So exiting to see our friends and fellowship with them (even for a short time).  *Please pray for the Strull Family.  

They'll be going back to Germany (not back to Schweinfurt), but near the Black Forrest region near Stuttgart. We met them while being stationed in Germany. 

In our homeschool this week:

Well, since we had guest this week, we didn't have school.  Oh the joys of homeschooling.  Making our own schedule to fit OUR lives. Wonderful and a Blessing.

I am inspired by... 

Lately, and honestly, outside from scripture, I have not been inspired. I find that where I am at in life-- it's become stagnate. It's not a great feeling -at all.  I am not sure why and I have been praying and fasting over this.

I think it's because I watch news and read about all the evils in this can be depressing, overwhelming, and upsetting to watch before my eyes.

Although, I can say one thing that pops into my mind... is the Olympic runner named, Oscar Pistorius.  Oscar is the ONLY and FIRST double amputee to participate in the Olympics.  That is truly inspiring.  To have the will (even with a disability) move forward and reach a life time goal, no matter the obstacles.

In an article I read, I loved what his father said, 
 "Oscar knew growing up that he was different," his father, Henk, told The Associated Press. "But he knew in competition with his friends, which we always encouraged, that he was differently abled. So we don't talk about a disability. We speak about what is your different ability?"

Places we're going and people we're seeing...

Since we had visitors from out of town, of course they wanted to see the Alamo!!  So we made a pit stop to the fantastic Alamo.  Also, we'll be making our first visit to the San Antonio Zoo for my son's birthday.  

Stull's & Stemmerding's visiting the Alamo.

My favorite thing this week was...

Of course having visitors, but MOST of all... drum roll please...  Our third child just turned SIX! We'll be having a small family celebration tomorrow and visit the Zoo for a family day.

I am reading:

I just found a new thrift store that opened up near us this week and of course I went to check out the book area...I found a really great devotional by Elizabeth George - Proverbs 31 in her A Woman After God's Own Heart series. 

I am cooking:

I found a great menu to schedule Bi-Weekly Menu Plans.  I have liking the format. 

I am grateful for:

Salvation, Health, Husband, Children, and Friends.

I am praying for:

Contentment, Family & Friends, Financial issues, and for upcoming Missions Conference in October.

A photo to share:

Love my Family!

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