Military Deal for SAT or ACT by e-Knowledge

28 July 2012
As most of you know we are a miltary homeschool family.

Some days I find great deals and this is one of them... and I have purchased before, so I know there isn't (any surprises) later on.

When my son was in the 7th grade he  had the opportunity to participate in the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.  As a homeschool teacher, you are able to sign a wavier and the child's last test results to apply.

We applied for the participation he was accepted and one of the requirements was that he needed to take the actual SAT test by the end of the school year. 

I thought that taking a P-SAT would help him alleviate any fears or anxiety about THE test in the earlier fall and then take the SAT in June (of that school year). The local middle school let him stand-in and take the P-SAT ( I did pay 13 USD) for the test and he did well.

Any way, with all that said, one of the tools he was able to practice with at home in preparation for the SAT was the CD-Rom from eKnowledge.    
eKnowledge™ is a leading provider of interactive learning products and services. From the beginning, we have been guided by an overarching objective…to change the way the world thinks about learning. We were pioneers in the field of advanced eLearning technology and the first to convert interactive classroom instruction to multi-media solutions including on-line streaming, DVD ROM. Today, our College Test Prep and other advanced multi-media programs are taking tens of thousands of students to a whole new level of learning. Our on-line, CD and DVD interactive learning programs range from SAT, ACT, LSAT and other Test Prep courses, to highly effective diagnostic, teaching and learning tools for business, education and other institutions.
The products are learning tools for students.  

Right now, if you are a military family, you can order the SAT/ACT Standard  for $0.00 (You will pay a S&H fee of $13.84 ) or the Premium SAT/ACT for $50.00. 

Not bad considering the price is $199.00 (standard) and $299.99 (premium).

To Learn more about eKnowledge, please go HERE or for MILTARY families, go HERE.   Our High School son, is more than likely going to take the ACT test because he is stronger in areas it highlights (e.g. Science), whereas the SAT has a written portion...unless (by Senior year) he's more confident in his writing.

Worth Reading ~  The SAT vs. The ACT?   

I'd like to personally THANK every single person/corporation that donates to help out our Military Families (especially in the areas of Education)! 

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