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07 June 2012
I value   I was first introduced to Answers in Genesis many years ago and we have used their materials since and enjoy the Answers magazine.

With a open discussion on Facebook and after viewing Collision - The Movie (Christopher Hitchens Vs. Douglass Wilson). This 30 movie movie is about two worldview points: one Christian and one Anti-theology.  I distinct disagreement I have with Douglass Wilson was when he said that we should not take the bible literal, otherwise, the discussion overall between the two men was interesting.

It got me thinking about how we would like to teach our children in our faith for the years to come.  It's always a constant reminder these days with all the horror we are witnesses to...whether in the schools, society, or government. 

We cannot live and pretend that we are better than anyone else. Yes, as a Christian, we are SAVED BY GRACE-- no doubt about that, but we are not to be cruel or come across prideful.  Yes, we should live and shine our light (God gives us through Salvation), but we should do so as humble Servants of Christ.

The thing that fascinates me are the people who are so adamantly against God.  If you research their background thoroughly,  you'll find where they were done wrong early on in their lives... spiritually and mentally. Like for example, Christopher Hitchen's grandfather was a strict Baptist preacher. Why did he not inherit his grandfather's beliefs? 

Christopher's father knew and SAW the downfall of not living by what you SAY you believe.  The Hitchens family lost their inheritance in one generation and lost it forever.  

For our own family...we do not want this. To help we do:

1. Pray
2. Read our Bibles
3. Family Devotions
4. Act on our Faith, everyday.
5. Attend a local church for fellowship and encouragement.

So as a homeschool Christian mother/family, we want to live this Christian life and as Voddie Baucham would say... make it a Mmlti-generational family of beliefs & values.

I wanted to share what we'll be using in the Fall for part of our Bible studies.

The Answers Book for Kids (Complete Set) 

Plus, The New Answers Books 1-3 (with the DVDs to go along with them).  

Right now we are studying in 2 Timothy for the Bible Bee Competition in August, it's just how our family is trying to keep our faith and give it to the next generation and so on.

If you have a great Apologetics curriculum, book, or DVD you think is an excellent resource, please make a comment below and have a link or details. Thank you!!

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Lexi said...

What ages do you think this is best suited for???

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Lexi, for the Answers Book for Kids...there are questions (topics) from ages 5-11. So I would say --school-age. There are four volumes. Small books about 48 pages to each one (22 questions each book).

For the "The New Answers Books 1-3, I would say 12 years of age to adult. These books cover about 90 question total with over 360 pages each.

Hope this helps. If you want I can make a book review of them and post them later. ;)

hillbillywoman said...

I use Answers In Genesis books, curriculum, etc. in my Sunday School classes and in my homeschool. Love AIG!

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