22nd FEAST Annual Homeschool & Curriculum Fair

04 June 2012
On May 17-19th, my sons and I were able to attend the 22nd FEAST Annual Homeschool & Curriculum Fair for the very first time. Since moving from overseas to the States, going to a convention was very exciting for us all. I have had participated in many conventions on-line, but this was face-to-face time and we definitely enjoyed it.

We made some new friends along the way and met some great guest speakers like: Lyndsay Lambert, speaker and wife to the President of the Texas Home School Coalition; Dave Nutting, with AOI Alpha Omega Institute; Joyce Burges is apart of the Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) of Louisiana which a Christian organization comprised of Christian home school support groups from around the state; Norm Wakefield, founder of Spirit of Elijah Ministries; Jeremiah Lorrig, HSLDA and Generation Joshua, plus many more!

I also attended FEAST Support Group Leader's Symposium on the 17th...with guest speaker, Jen Henriksen. She came in and talked about Homeschool-Life.com. Homeschool-Life seems like such a fantastic option for homeschool co-ops/groups and especially for Group Leader's sanity! Looking more into it for future purposes. And she had a mini-seminar about being a homeschool leaders and it was just a blessing to be there that day.

Lastly, I met with Dr. Donna Campbell. She was at the convention and I stand behind her for Texas Senate! My kind of Gal! I wish you all the BEST Dr. Donna Campbell!

Leader's Symposium 

Ben in his Survival Corp Program
Ethan at iElect Teen Leadership Training

Group of Homeschool Mommas 
Mrs. Lyndsay Lambert and Me - Help! What do I do with my Pre-K?

Dr. Donna Campbell and Me


We had a wonderful time at the conference, got to meet some new friends, and most of all grab some really good deals on a couple of things.  Also, this summer we'll be getting together with a few other homeschool families to complete our requirement of Texas History.  We'll be using AOP's Texas State History curriculum.  It's going to be a fun summer!!

Take care and Happy Homeschooling!

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Sue said...

Hi Jessica,
I was at FEAST too. We are a military homeschooling family here too.

I'm visiting from http://journeying-sue.blogspot.com/

I hope you are getting connected in the local homeschool milieu.


Jessica Stemmerding said...

Thank you Sue for stopping by! I will check out your blog as well. :)

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Sue, I am trying to decide the area in which we want to go as far as a homeschool co-op. As of right now, we've been happy within our small group of homeschoolers within our church.

I do plan to connect with a co-op in the NW area because it's closer to our location. ;)

More on that soon!! Thanks!

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