Rite of Passage: Something better than a tattoo.

06 May 2012

Walker Moore shares from his experience and from Scripture what we can do to keep our children serving Christ.
I first viewed this clip on one of my favorite websites: The Homeschool Channel. The title is what intrigued the most. How to Fix This Generation, but on Youtube it is titled: Rite of Passage Parenting. Lord knows this needs to be done. When did our way of thinking get so backwards and messed up? I am sure there are many factors and it didn't start just with one generation, but with several generations. Do we as parents want to "fix it?" I think most Christian parents want to help our children grow in the admonition of the Lord. To keep our faith through the generations. It's a matter of keeping our Christian heritages.
"Every child wants to go up."

He gives us 4 ways to help them through a rite of passage.

1. Rite of Passage. 

But do we let them grow-up? There is a point, I understand, that my sons will become men. When do I "let" them at age 18, 21, or 26? 30? Legal definition--ages 9-26 for the term adolescent. There are some things you can't do until you're a certain age. Many different countries have a different level of ages to when they are deemed adults, sometimes younger than America's level.

I found it surprising that only in America, we pinned the term -- teenagers. It used to be that you were a child/adolescent and then you became an adult. There was no in-between. So, they HAD a rite of passage and they need it again.

When do they become an adult? Today's rite of passage for a child to adulthood: Getting a tattoo. Yeah. There wasn't a difference between a secular to Christian adolescents.

He made me think of several of his points. 

2.  Significant Tasks.    And no, it's not making the bed.

What are some duties you give to your children?  Do we give them a significant task in  our households?  Making their bed is not a significant task. He spoke mainly about children in a agriculture settings who help with the family farm...milk the cow, plant the corn. It gives them importance, self-worth, independence.

I have to mention these articles --because this is what came up in my mind about giving a child a significant task.   Does our government want our children to grow up and become independent?

Fact Sheet #40: Federal Youth Employment Laws in Farm Jobs
Wage and Hour Division (WHD) Child Labor
Obama Regulatory Regime Nixes Teens' Farm Jobs 
Obama might block summer farm jobs for teens

Children were deemed as a asset, today they are a liability.  

My husband and I have been working on giving our children more significant tasks. Mainly because they are all males. One day they will have a spouse, a family and they do need to learn how to care for them, support them, raise them (children).  They want to do something valuable or significant. Children want to be apart of the family. To be important.

He mentions the Church. Do they have a significant task in church? Is this why our "teens" are leaving the church?

3. Logical consequence. 

Consequences. Enough said. Let's be real....our children have really no clue about consequences. He gives an example about a last minute science fair project.

If there is no consequence, there is no value.
He talks about making contracts.  What is valuable and what is not valuable.

4. Grace.

He talked about mom and dad and grandparents.  Parents -the law, Grandparents- grace.

Let's face it -- We don't live near each other. Grandparents are mostly not involved.

                                 If you only have law, you'll have rebellion. 

 How to instill Grace

a. use their name
b. eye contact
c. fill their love tank, give them grace.  (5 Love Languages)
d. speak value to them

A great  answers for all the above ---  Overseas Missions Trip.  He speaks greatly about his ministry with children and missions and their rite of passage into adulthood.

My husband has had the opportunity to be on several missions trip to Romania when we were living in Germany.  He saw the poverty and the lack of resources, and their faith was mediocre. Missionaries are needed around the world.  It has put a burden in his heart for overseas missions. Being in a missionary church for several years --we have seen the work, the joy, the hardships and the faithfulness of missionaries...and we will be forever thankful for participating and being apart of that ministry.

I do hope one day our boys will be able to attend some type of missions trip and know they would benefit from the experiences.   

Hey, that's better than a tattoo any day of the week.

Resource: The Homeschool Channel


Boys helping Daddy with a weekend project:  Fixing our backyard gate.

Our five year old helping daddy take out the old nails from the fence planks. 
*No, he did not get hurt. He was supervised. 

I am the vine, ye [are] the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. - John 15:5 

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