Real Estate Journey, Part 1

24 January 2012

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the family.

We got here late Thursday night. The international plane flight was a long one, but it went well....sponsors picked us up at the airport and we went directly to the hotel.

Friday: We woke up around 3 AM (and I mean all of us) and stayed up for the rest of the day. We saw very little of Ft. Sam Houston, but I got to meet some folks my husband will be working with at a luncheon. The hubby in-processed and we got to see the PX, PXtra, and a few other places.

Saturday: We all woke up at 1 AM and then decided that was WAY TO EARLY so we went back to sleep at woke around 6AM ... We looked at houses with our realtor, Chad Hughes. He has been super great! We had already selected a few house we liked and he was kind enough to pick us up and drive us around San Antonio (on a Saturday) to see what was behind door number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and then finally #6. We picked out this house the first moment we saw it on and on Chad's website also, but of course we wanted to see all other options. Yet, I kept coming back to this one house, comparing all others to it. (Homes in our price range of course).

**We've been researching homes since November and every time (out of 30+ homes), but we kept going back to that one house. My mind was made up-at least.

Well, finally we arrived to the only house I was interested in and as we were driving up low and behold there were people there looking at it. I was devastated. We were supposed to look at houses on Friday, but we were late coordinating with our realtor. So not knowing the full situation, we parked and went inside. I immediately fell in love, even more so than viewing it online. Nothing beats a personal interview with a house than being in it.

We looked around and fromr room to room, I was like--I want this house. I have had it on my "wish list" and it might not be ours because of the open house to other potential buyers. I had hope that it was under the radar enough for us to just snatch it up, but I guess not.

So, we got in the car. Still sad and anxious, we said, "What now?" Our realtor said, "If you want it, we need to go for it." So we went straight to his office (after he had to reschedule some personal time) and we went to fill out the forms. It was a good feeling to put in the offer.

We went all out. We put in our best offer because we want the house and knew others were after it too. What now? We had to play the waiting game.

We had to wait for the next day to find out if we were going to get it or not.

Sunday: Anyway....we contacted the church we wanted to visit first, Leon Valley Baptist, and I must fit perfectly. Everyone was warm and welcoming. We had the opportunity for a deacon in the church to pick us up in the church van and they even let us keep the van for the day --so we could come back for evening services.

For Bible study we went to a "Young Families" group and it was a great study. For Sunday service...we enjoyed the music and the message was strong and biblical and for the evening services a series about "Marriage and Family." Needless-to-say, we feel that the Lord is leading us in the right direction, here in San Antonio, and I pray that it continues to go well.

After Sunday evening services...we got a call from our realtor and guess what?? We got the HOUSE!!!!! We found out that a couple within the church who sat in front of us during the evening services, as we were talking to them about the home, they showed us that they live not to far from where we'll be living. They gave us there phone number - just in case of any needs.

God is good. We have a house, termite, pool inspection on Thursday and after having watched HGTV all day, I am a little worried. HA HA HA!! But with today's personal reading - I came across this verse:
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1 Thess 5:18.

So I am giving thanks that

we were able to get here safely to Texas
we were able to get a hotel accommodations on-post
we have a good sponsor
we found a home and able to put in an offer
we found a home church

*all in 4 days.

Some may say that's a little too quick, but we have been praying for months about all of this...we feel that God is just answering our prayers. I am continually praying about this inspection coming up.

Stay tuned...

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