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08 November 2011

There is someone who is posting as "Anonymous" to my blog saying that there are punctuation error(s) on my blog heading/title. Though I appreciate your grammar policing...I had someone make my blog background out of the goodness of her heart and I haven't and really don't want to 'correct' the error.

So please excuse the BAD grammar. It's supposed to be "Godly men, husbands, fathers..." It is a photo and can't be "corrected" without a whole bunch of hoopla and frankly, it's not my main concern--- it's their hearts, not their or my English grammar that I am more concerned about. Thank you in advance. :) I am going to be like Mater (in Cars 2) --- "I'll keep my dents...they remind me of my friend."

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Bryan said...

Perfect and classy response, especially ending with the Mater quote!

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