Volkach, Germany: Viking Festival & a Juggler

13 September 2011

This past weekend we had a wonderful time with some of our homeschool friends! My Pastor's daughter sent me an email telling me about a local fest going on (only for the weekend) and that it was a Viking Fest.

Oh how I love to attend outings like this...so fun and interesting to do. Volkach isn't far from us either..so we headed out there for the day. I was one son short because he had a soccer game in Hohenfels...too far for me-so a friend took him with her son for their games. My son's game ended with a tie 3-3 (not bad for a first game).

Well, the Viking Fest was great. We had brats for lunch (I ate steamed mushrooms with a white sauce), the boys were able to do some hands-on learning...saw some falcons (although we were not able to see the show), and we saw a juggler perform! He was definitely a HOOT!! Too bad I can't understand Deutsche. LOL!!

I do however have a video and it took me by surprise. If you view the video you can see a certain little boy (in a gray shirt-our son) who 'stoled' the show...it was cute!!

I did eventually sit right by my son when the talented juggler started lighting things on fire for his last performance!! Didn't want HIM to help with that!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have you had a fieldtrip yet for this year--as a family or Co-Op?? Link up in my comment section and show me!! I love fieldtrips.

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