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19 September 2011

I am completely glued to this series. The video above is Part 2 of a series called: If This Is Homeschooling, Then Why Am I Always in the Van? by Tina Farewell via The Homeschool Channel (Such A Blessing to Have).

Wow, in part one she mentioned a medical diagnosis I never knew existed, and yet I'd probably be diagnosed with if I went and talked to my doctor. LOL!! Okay, it's not funny- I understand, but it does make me realize that I do need to slow down.

I don't do a whole lot during the week, but we do have a fair amount of outside 'work.'

Here's our daily plan:

1. Sunday: Church from 1000-1230 and then again around 1700-2000 (if I stay longer to fellowship)

2. Monday: light school (Bible, Math, & English only) *this is our free day --nothing is planned, no where to go (my favorite day of the week actually--wonder why...)

3. Tuesday: we have school and then I am (currently) taking an evening class to finish up my degree.

4. Wednesday: school, then I was taking the boys to guitar lessons (we dropped that) and then drive two locations for soccer practices, pickup and then church 1900-2000.

5. Thursday: school, and then again my evening college class.

6. Friday: school and soccer practices in the evening.

7. Saturday: soccer games, grocery shopping, and cleaning catch-up and getting ready for Sunday.


1x per month Co-Op class
1x per month field trips
FRG meetings, volunteering, taking classes for FRG
Grocery Shopping (bi-monthly)
Library visits (weekly)
Blogging (about every two weeks)
Facebook (ashamed to admit...)

Takes up a fair amount of my time--doesn't it?? I can't imagine doing Co-Op every week, but I suppose some do.

Another issue brought up...Sleep? Do I ever get any?? Honest answer is no. For one, my husband is deployed and has been for almost a full year now...and I am at my wits end. It's exhausting being without your husband because you were made to be a team.

I do pray and I have gotten closer to the Lord because I couldn't have gotten this far without Him. No way, no how. I have four active boys...sometimes I do scream (seriously working on my meekness), but they argue over such petty things ---it's so irriating most of the time. Praying for my sons...

I do have to give props to my older two, because since their dad is away; they have been great at helping at least keep the mess at bay. We have a big house (Army housing) and keeping it clean is a full-time job by itself!

Lord help me. With my husband's redeployment coming up and an upcoming PCS move back to the States, not only am I constantly thinking about keeping the house in order I also have to start decluttering before the movers ever come to pack us up.

I think if I had a good week without any children here, I could get it done, but alas--my children are always with me (not complaining here because this is our choice), but sometimes it's like raking leaves during a wind storm--it equals frustration.

Anywhoo---I just wanted to share what was on my mind....and that I will and have been changing up some priorities in this household to make me a less hurried woman.

Prayers are accepted. Thank you.

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