Love Chat from Deployed Dad to his Son

29 August 2011

Dad: So moms cooking some din din huh?
whats she cookn?

Son: Yes, beef noodles

Dad: Pray for me, I'll be driving down the road to another camp

Son: ?where

Dad: a place about 4 hours away

Son: hmm, okay

Dad: I gotta check up on my Soldiers
I have to go to two different Camps

Son: cool

Dad: The locals here are in a time called RAMADAM
is it still hot here. Ramadan is a holy month where
they dont eat or drink anything when the sun is up
so from sun up to sun down, they are fasting

Son: is that 1 reason they're skinny?

Dad: its illegal here for anyone to eat or drink
reminds me of Benny (skinny boy)

Son: yeah it does

Dad: if you get caught off camp by local law officials they will throw you in prison

Son: ? hmm pretty strict law

Dad: yeah, but we can eat and drink when we are on our camps
so that is good. I can't imagine not eating or drinking anything all day long in this heat.

Son: yeah that would of stink.
yeah wonder if you can get used to not eating or drinking there

Dad: nope, its called fasting
they do it to get closer to their god
they pray and read their holy Koran all day long

Son: like in the bible but i guess not for holy reasons?

Dad: they believe in Allah over here, they beleve Jesus existed too, but they do not believe He is the son of God.

Son: yeah mom told me that

Dad: there was this guy named muhammad

Son: uh huh

Dad: and he was a self-proclaimed prophet

Son: k

Dad: who rewrote God's word
saying it was a new revelation

Son: in his own way

Dad: and many of these people believed his lies

Son: like Darwin

Dad: yeah
kind of

Son: sorta

Dad: you have to be careful what kind of people you allow yourself to hang around with and become influenced by

Son: I know

Dad: there will be lots of people who will try to lead you away from Christ
I hope you remain strong son

Son: I think preacher told us about that too

Dad: your a good boy
growing into a man

Son: lol yeppers

Dad: it wont be long you will be stepping out on your own

Son: uh huh

Dad: but you know, dad and mom will always be here for you

Son: yeah i know

Dad: just cuz you move out, dont mean we cant still stick together as a family
matter of fact you better stick close to us boy!
-no moving off to some far away place

Son: i heard some people stay with their family all their life

Dad: its gonna be hard watching you boys all grow up and move out
you bring so much excitement to mom and dads lives
once you all move out, we gonna just be too old farts sitting around wondering what you all are doing lol

Son: lol mom will be knitting

Dad: i doubt it

Son: in a rocking chair

Dad: but we will always come together at Christmas and holidays

Son: on the front porch?

Dad: no matter where we are

Son: yeah id like that

Dad: promise me that

Son: promise

Dad: so you playing baseball or soccer?
or football

yep still playing soccer on the German team

Dad: how is that going?

Son: it's ok practices are getting harder and harder

Dad: perhaps they are

Son: lol we run 2 laps just for fun

Dad: but when you get back to the states and find a team to play on there, you are going to be well ahead of other kids your age

Son: yeeaahh ok

Dad: soccer is a sport where you have to have speed and endurance
running is fudamental if you want to be good

Son: k

Dad: your pretty fast too

Son: uh ok

Dad: and the more you condition your body the faster you will become

Son: yeah coach tim taught me that

Dad: Dad used to be real fast when I was in school

Son: ha ha ha

Dad: one of the faster kids
really - I could run like the wind
when I joined the Army, I was the fastest kid in my unit

Son: you might've been (cant see that now)

Dad: well, I had surgery on my ankles
I tore ligaments and cartilage and tendons

Son: okay mom want us to eat bye
How did that happen?

Dad: from all the running and army drills we were doing
through forrests and trails

Son: ouch

Dad: in the dark
I would roll my ankle and kept pushing

Son: okay sorry dad gotta go

Dad: twisted okay
good eating. I love you

Son: I love you too bye

Dad: bye son

Son: k

I had to cook dinner quickly and I missed talking to my hubby, but our oldest was able to chat with his Daddy. These are the moments that all parents should cherish for life. Whether are communication is face-to-face or through social medias, taking the time to really understand our children, teaching them the word of God, and making promises for family get-together's is a real blessing. And we know it. This is one of the reason why we homeschool. Family unity.

We didn't have that growing up and as a military family our children do not know the life of being in one place for a long time. They have always known the life of military. Yet, as parents, we understand how important it is to be that foundation to them. As long as they know dad and mom are for them-no matter what-that is all they need, aside from God, that is.

Seems to me that our boys understand this concept well. It's so funny to me about the comment of knitting!! HA HA HA!! It seriously made me cry, because I don't knit, or sew. I can put on a button on a shirt though!! LOL!! At least I know that my husband knows me well enough to say, "I doubt it."

Life is complicated. It is. I think it makes it even harder to be apart from your loved ones. It's really been a struggle for me. Sometimes I find myself angry at the fact that I am a married woman/mother being forced to raise our children alone and feel the loneliness of not having him physically here. If you have ever read the book on the Five Love Languages--you should know that MY love languages are physical touch and quality time---two of which I DO NOT have. :(

But as this deployment winds down and that the daily struggles of homeschooling are known, but are's what makes life so grand. During this deployment, I can honestly say that I have gotten closer to God through my disappointments, struggles, the loneliness, sometimes anger. We know that God does this for us to remind us that we do need Him and that we need to grow in our Christian walk.

I can truthfully say I could not have done this deployment alone. Yes, I am 1,000 miles away from home, in a foreign country, no family, but it doesn't matter with God, because He is with us always and wherever we are.

I just wanted to share because, to me, this was a precious moment that I will cherish even if it's a mediocre chat between a Dad and a Son. I love them both very much (as well as all my boys). I thank God for them everyday.

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Rebecca Bany said...

I've never read that. But after reading this post, I definitely want to.

Jessica S. said...

The five love languages?? Yes, even after 12 years of marriage (when I first read it) it was an eye opener to some things. It was great. :) Thanks for stopping by Rebecca.

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