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26 May 2011

Giveaway! Friendly Chemistry Teacher & Student Edition ($100 Value)!

Please go here for the Giveaway!! Thank you!!

Friendly Chemistry has recently edited & updated their curriculum. To celebrate, they want to send a full curriculum set to one of you!

After looking through a Friendly Chemistry textbook, you'll soon realize that, hmm, chemistry is a little more interesting than you first thought. Give it a longer look and you'll find yourself surprisingly absorbed in elements and molecules. Then...gather some students, teach a Friendly Chemistry lesson and you'll see that chemistry is not only fun, but the kids are asking to have another chemistry class!

The author, Joey Hajda, describes Friendly Chemistry like this:

"Friendly Chemistry was written using simple language and a host of analogies to make learning (and teaching!) chemistry easy. We believe that the chemistry concepts presented in Friendly Chemistry are NOT watered-down. The concepts are just explained in ways that are readily understood by most learners. Coupled with these explanations is a host of teaching aids, labs and games which makes the learning concrete and multi-sensory. Students find the course fun and painless. Parents often comment, 'I wish I had had this when I was taking chemistry. Now it all makes so much sense!'"

**Current retail cost is $49.99 for the student edition and $24.99 for each volume of the Teacher's edition (Two volume set). The manipulative set retails for $9.99. Total retail value: $109.96

So head to Freely Educate to enter in!! Entries are open to all countries! will select the winner. The winning entry will be verified. Entry deadline: Monday, May 30, 2011 at noon CST.

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Heidi said...

I reviewed this product a couple of years ago and appreciated the way they approached the concepts. I *love* the new look!

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