Book Review: Organized Ramblings: Home Education from A to Z by Catherine McGrew Jaime

19 April 2011

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Paperback: 252 pages
Price: $12.50 new on Amazon
Publisher: CreateSpace, 2nd Edition (October 18, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1453871446
ISBN-13: 978-1453871447
Author: Catherine McGrew Jaime (Mom of 12)

Two websites to visit:
Creative Learning Connection (Her homepage with vast amount of resources and links)
Catherine McGrew Jaime (fairly new and work in progress, but lists all her books)

The book consists of table of contents, 26 chapters (A-Z topics), Conclusion, Bibliography/Recommended Resource List, and a sample of a High School Transcript.


My take on this book:

After reading through this book, and looking specifically at certain chapters, I have found this books to be a gem within my library of homeschool resources. Mind you, we are finishing up our second year of homeschooling overseas. We started out homeschooling here and much to my surprise, I have grown to love the life of homeschooling.

As with very few options and one-on-one mentor ship (one of the disadvantages of being overseas) this book has given me plenty to chew on -in regards to our homeschooling. I simply love it. Please note: She does have a Christian worldview and discusses this venue throughout the entire book.

Quote: "Our job is not to raise godly children - it is to equip our children to become godly adults. We are not just educating them, we are raising them, we are discipling them, we are training them." - Catherine McGrew Jaime

She includes quotes from famous and the less famous, her own take on things (summary for each chapter). This is great because she is telling me of her own experiences and I feel she is talking straight at's not some type of assembly-line of this is this, that is that speech. It's very intimate in relation to the subject matter.

Hey after having 12 children, for almost 30+ years total of homeschooling--she is the perfect example of a homeschool mother/teacher. Who better to talk to about homeschooling? I know there are many authors that we all like, but she comes across with a down-to-earth, very casual way in talking about the unlimited avenues in the way of homeschooling.

Throughout the book she gives personal examples on a certain subject, list resources, web pages, and favorites of the family. You literally read about their life of homeschooling. It's really fantastic to read.

The chapter that I am really enjoying now is "T" for Teaching Teens. As my oldest is just now turned 13, I have had some quick fear about teaching High School in the next year or so...but she lists a series of questions that I find thought-provoking and excellent questions. Makes me realize that the teen years can be so exciting.

Overall, I believe it to be a great resource to add to your library. I am glad to have received it. It would be an awesome resource to get if you are just starting out and/or a veteran homeschooler. It's wonderful to be able to sit down and read this and feel like your sitting down with a old friend/great mentor.

Experiences shared is a definite pearls of wisdom that I am grateful others pass along in this arena we call homeschooling.

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