Our Curriculum Review in this HomeSY 2010-2011

07 January 2011

I suppose as the new year rolls around, it makes you meditate of the things of the previous year in general. The more I get into the role of a homeschool mom, the more I think about what is best for my family, my boys...and that includes our curriculum.

So far this year--doing it Charlotte Mason style, I have come to appreciate learning and I have been pleased with everything we set out to do for our curriculum. The only sad confession I have is that we have not started our foreign language 'class' this year. Blah.

I have not have any time to squeeze it in literally. My husband deployed in the fall, so the prep time before he left, had our homeschool down to the basics and just spent more time with Daddy before he left. Which is way more important than Spanish anyway.

Intergrating Nature Study into our homeschooling has been a true delight!! I can not wait for Spring though. This winter has been a hard one thus far. Yes, I know we can have Nature Study even in the winter time...but again time constraints has left us inside more this winter, but the boys still get out and play. It has definitely been a white winter this year, here in Germany.

So is our Curriculum working? Yes, I believe so...


9 y/o -Math U See is going well. He is at multiplication level (Gamma) and then soon go into Delta this year.

12 y/o -Life of Fred Series: He went through Fractions and then Decimals & Percentages before Christmas break. He is now on LOF Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology. (I am enjoying this too because I love Biology!)


Slow but surely they both are getting through English. I love Rod & Staff English, them not so much...but both know how to diagram a sentence or two with style. :)

4th grade level
7th grade level


We are all going through the ABEKA 7th Grade Bible curriculum
1st Semester: Exodus
2nd Semester: Life of Christ

*Finishing up Exodus by next week, then we will start Life of Christ.


Both use Spelling Power...I like it and they like their student record books, makes them feel special. :)


4th Grade -ABeka readers & Bible for both of them
7th Grade -Various classics from Ambleside Online recommended reading lists


4th grade -Can you spell UPSETTING? Not in the curriculum, but on a lost book. (SIGH) We started out on Apologia Science-Astronomy and for some reason it came up missing or misplaced. So he is now on Zoology 1 since November.

7th grade -Exploring Creation with General Science. He really enjoys science and this curriculum is challenging, but he enjoys it.


Together we are going through Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations & the Bible...it has been going well with our Bible curriculum too...I love it. We also do a time line notebook with Homeschool in the Woods Historical timeline figures--Creation to Christ.

Nature Study:

Anne B. Comstock Nature Study Guide...we are studying Birds.


A little bit of EVERYTHING. I have two map walls of the USA and World. We just spend about 15 mins. a day on it. I say a country or city/town and they have to find it from the maps. Also, I use a bible maps book to coincide with our Bible, and a free resource I have received, and also the maps in our History book.

P.E. & Art with our Co-Op.

Lets see what am I missing??

We haven't started health or any Shakespeare or U.S. History--just yet. *We are having too much fun with our World History. I have a music study curriculum and ran off some copies for each lesson, but my younger two decide to put bubble bath soap on my portable CD player...and I keep forgetting to buy one...

I won a copy of the text: Mystery of History, Vol. 1 and when I can remember I look through it and insert it here and there...

*Can't you tell what our favorite subject is??

Well, I suppose this is our half-year review for our homeschool this year. We are really enjoying it too. PRAISE THE LORD!! ;)

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts....oh sometime soon I will post about our Bible Curriculum for NEXT year. I AM EXCITED!! ;) Hint: Bible Bee.


Samantha said...

I have learned a lot in the last few months, and am changing it all up Monday. Fingers crossed and saying a prayer! Glad your curriculum is working out!

Jessica S. said...

Samantha, I do pray that it all works out for you!!! *Fingers crossed* ---but mostly a prayer goes out to you!! Take care.

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