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07 January 2011
As some of you know we homeschool, but we are also a military homeschool family. Recently, I was reading a blog titled Military Spouse Recommended Schools --and I thought to myself, "Hey don't leave out homeschooling as an option." Why? As a military homeschool family, I believe the advantages definitely out weigh the disadvantages. So, as a homeschool 'representative' I also felt the need to leave a comment where you can read here located on the Military Duty Stations-Blog.

To my suprise, I received feedback about my response from the blog owner. I was asked to write a quick blog post about homeschooling. I jumped on the opportunity--of course.

I have been asked plenty of times as a military homeschool mom, "How do I start homeschooling?" Even though I haven't been doing it for long time, I am very resourceful, which is a good thing in the home education field. Almost everytime I give out this message-which you can read on the Military Duty Stations-Blog titled, Take your school to your next base/post.

I have found that most people in general who have heard of homeschooling, might already have a misperception about homeschooling, but I try to give a great positive outlook (but I don't sugar-coat it). So, being a homeschool military mom & a make-shift delegate for homeschooling's fine by me.

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Shannon said...

Thank you for highlighting that homeschooling is an option for Military Families! I feel it is often overlooked in the quest to find the "best" education. We have been homeschooling as an active duty family for six years now and love the freedom and flexibility in our ever changing military lifestyle!

Shannon...join me on the Homeschoolers in the Military group on Facebook!

Jessica Stemmerding said...

Thanks Shannon! I only wish we had started sooner! We do love our homeschool family! ;)

Take care and Happy Homeschooling.

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