Oh my, it's that time of the Year! Help! Shutterfly to the Rescue.

10 November 2010
It's that time of year, and frankly I am a bit behind schedule. You know it's Christmas Season and with Christmas season comes the infamous Christmas cards. I do love giving a receiving cards from family and friends.

I have been to recent other pages to get creative on Christmas cards and letters, but having been there and done that---my all time favorite is the regular photo card. I am an avid picture-taker!! My hobby sort-to speak, the personal family photo catches the eye and they linger a bit longer than over a generic card.

I came across this wonderful special from Shutterfly that I would like to extend to my viewers and the like... Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards !

So I visited their website at Shutterfly and headed over to there Holiday Card page for their selections. WOW!! The selection of cards is well over 700!! I could spent the entire day looking at the photo-cards!

Finally, I have decided on the right card for us this year... My fave and probably the card I will choose is this one from Shutterfly Photo Card selection: Faith, Love, Hope, & Family Photo Card.

I tend to not be loud in colors or design and the brown spoke to me more than any other color this year... I love the classic look and right now in my life; Faith, Hope, Love, and my Family is the most important thing in this world right now and always. So it fits.

So, head on over to Shutterfly and see what they have for you this Holiday Season. If you are not a card/photo card person, or need a little extra like gift tags or address labels...Shutterfly has various other gifts and gift ideas for you.

Have fun and be a smart shopper this Christmas season!! ;)

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