03 October 2010

Being a military family on the verge of a deployment, my hubby had been gone for training for what seemed like forever and finally gets a couple of weeks of leave. Long days and long nights, plus some weekends seemed to never end-I suppose this schedule has gotten us ready (so to speak).

So, just spending time together as a family is priority. We had a little field trip to a local park. Honestly, we should have visited it more often before the fall season, but life had other plans and bumps along the road that prevented me from driving around town (that's a whole other post). Anyway, we will just spend this time enjoying each other's company with little traveling and just having some quality time...

The WildPark is actually a very nice park with many small playgrounds, mini-golf, and various animals to visit along the way. My boys always have fun the couple of times we've visited and the park has also added another play area that the boys enjoyed playing on it.

Earlier I bought a nice picnic basket, and it was a perfect time to use, so I put in our lunch and a bag of lollipops and off we went. It was a great afternoon to just be able to sit with my hubby and watch the boys play.

At this moment, I am really happy the kids can spend all their time and even spend time late in the night with their father. These couple of weeks, we are doing very minimum of school work. I started earlier this year knowing that we would take a couple of weeks off in October for vacation. It has worked out well so far...even as I write this, I can hear my honey and our two oldest playing a game late into the night~just spending time together. That is a perfect vacation in my book.

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Heidi said...

It sounds like you are enjoying your time together! You've been tagged - http://chatterandclatter.blogspot.com/2010/10/ive-been-tagged.html

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