Fire Prevention Week 2010~Smoke Alarms: A sound you can live with

02 October 2010

Fire Prevention Week, 03-09 October 2010: “Smoke Alarms: A Sound you can live with”

The President of the United States annually proclaims the week in which October 9th occurs with the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 ~ as Fire Prevention Week.


In 2009, there were 1,348,500 fires reported in the United States (down 7% from 2008). These fires caused 3,010 civilian deaths, 17,050 civilian injuries, and $12.5 billion in property damage.

•480,500 were structure fires (down 7% from 2008), causing 2,695 civilian deaths, 14,740civilian injuries, and $10.8 billion in property damage.

•219,000 were vehicle fires (down 7% from 2008), causing 280 civilian fire deaths, 1,610 civilian fire injuries, and $1.4 billion in property damage.

•649,000 were outside and other fires (down 7% from 2008), causing 35 civilian fire deaths, 700 civilian fire injuries, and $328 million in property damage. ~ The U.S. Fire Problem

Fire Prevention Week is actively supported by fire departments across the country and to observe this for 85 years makes it the longest running public health and safety observance on record.

As a homeschool mom, some of us are required to include first aid, safety, and fire prevention in our curriculum, but others not. Homeschooling overseas, I do not have to show my curriculum to an overall authority, but I do follow the Ohio guidelines as much as possible-which includes all the above (first aid, safety, and fire prevention).

Even in a small community overseas, I feel does great job providing information and events for this planned activity. Some of what is going on in my community are:

• Open House – Fire Station
• Display of Fire Truck/Equipment
• Fire Drill and Fire Fighting Demonstration
• Fire Extinguisher Demonstration
• Fire Marshall Meeting

Even though my children at not in a public school, we do have safety concerns within our home. Planning out a fire safety plan and having a fire drill once a month is the least we can do… and yet I am failing at that mission. My boys need to get used to what a fire alarm sounds like and what to do afterwards! What great time to start on Fire Prevention Week!!!

Do your children know what to do if the fire alarm goes off?? First time I ever tried it, the boys covered their ears with their hands for a little while asked what it was and then went out about their business. YIKES!! Hello, get out of the house kids!!! Needless-to-say, it took a couple of times to realize the importance of it.

As a military member and living in housing, we are allotted a bi-annual visits from Housing to check out our fire alarms---that helps keep me in check and my fire alarms! And with a pre-teen that is learning how to cook, fire prevention is a smart thing to do – in my book.

So, hopefully in the next week, you too can check your fire alarms, have a fire drill, and as a fun project—maybe have the kiddos draw out a fire escape route and practice it!!

Have FUN!!

Some great links to research:

1. National Fire Protection Association
2. Lessons Plans for Teachers
3. Fire Prevention Printables
4. Smoke Alarms Save Lives
5. Presidential Proclamation: Fire Prevention Week
6. USFA Kids (United States Fire Administration)
7. Sesame Street:Fire Safety Station (FEMA)
8. USFA Publications (materials sent to you free of charge)
9. Key Dates in Fire History
10. Fire Prevention Themes over the years


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Martha said...

What a great week! Many people should at least check their batteries in their Fire Alarms, but it is warming to see that all of the facts are continually falling down!

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