Our P.E. activities throughout the Year

22 July 2010

Throughout the year, my boys have a busy schedule with P.E. activities. I make it a huge part of their curriculum. Hey~ I have four boys, they NEED to run-around --in a positive, structured manner. Don't get me wrong, they have plenty of down time for fun stuff; like playing at the park, walking/bicycling (it's a big thing here in Germany), and swimming pools are abundant here also.

I would have to say their favorite sport is soccer. Well my oldest likes soccer and my second oldest likes baseball. Third child just likes kicking around any ball...and now my two-year just tags along.

Here pretty soon, I will put them on a German soccer team (from the town we live in--you could say in our district). This will be awesome because it's year-around soccer (football to them). Winter is inside and the rest of the season is outside. Another reason that is great is because they have a set schedule whereas on-post, it is always space-available and the number of games are limited--for a hefty price per family (even when it's discounted).

I will probably also take them to the swimming pool during the winter this year. And don't forget our nature walks throughout the year will be scheduled.

Another outlet for P.E. is our new co-op on-post once per month!! I will head that up for the 'first semester' and I am hoping and praying I can get a 'curriculum' going for the co-op that will be fun and exciting.

The books that I purchased for the co-op:
1. Physical Education Curriculum Activities Kit for Grades K-6
2. Complete Physical Education Plans for Grades 7-12

Since our co-op will be multi-level and multi-age I got both books, but then I can use them for our own curriculum in the future.

Now, I only need to convince them to get into TRACK & FIELD--at least one year!!! Track & Field is my favorite sport, but somehow "Daddy" brainwashed them to think that it's not a sport. LOL!!

I beg a difference, I ran track in jr. high & high school and it's DEFINITELY a sport. Oh well, as long as they have fun and learn to have fun while staying healthy and fit; then that's all that matters--in this subject matter--that is.

What your favorite sport??

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Layton Family Joy said...

that is a GREAT photo! You definitely win the blue ribbon (if only we actually gave out blue ribbons).

thanks for linking up - I ran preseason track - and I consider it a sport, most definitely! =)

the homeschool village

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

I love swimming and volleyball. I am from Brazil - soccer is big for us!!! my children like everything. Like in Germany, in Brazil sports are offered year round. Not so in the US. :( For that reason we don't do any structured sports yet.

Jessica S. said...

@ Tereza: GO BRAZIL!!! Had to rub it in huh! HA HA HA. Yes, I just recently found out that the boys can play off-post! I am excited for them. The language barrier is sometimes an hinderance, but I contacted them through email. I wrote my note in English and then got translator to translate the message....the director replied back in English! Praise God!! :) So, it's not as scary as some think sometimes...thanks for the comment.

Jessica S. said...

@Stef!! Thank you!! So sweet of you to say! :) Yes, the photo is just a collage for Picasa! I love using that! Nothing high-tech...and thanks for the agreement on Track!! Two against one now!! :) Oh wait... Two again three if we count my boys. LOL!

Deb Chitwood said...

I love your collage – what a great keepsake! You’re doing an awesome job of supporting an active lifestyle for your kids! And I agree with you that track & field is definitely a sport!


Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Love your collage, toO! I remember soccer being huge when we lived in Germany back when I was a military child. :D

Glad you decided to take part in the question. :D

Joy said...

You are absolutely right about boys needing to be moving! My kids love to participate in any sport they can! Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading more posts. I too homeschool (3boys, one girl).
I am now following.


Jennifer said...

I love the picture! You have a super busy sports schedule. It sounds like great fun. I need to get motivated to get my girls out and moving more, and they're already pretty busy!


Jessica S. said...

@ Deb - Thank you, I try to keep them busy, not so much that is keeps us away from God, but as a military family...we have to find things to keep us busy. ;)

@Sherry - Yep, soccer is still hugh here in Germany. Although, I think they are trying to branch out more. I hear theirs a community football (like Texas football) and a basketball team. They have ice hockey here too, but that gets expensive...

@Joy - Especially my boys, they'd go nuts without activities. I do do one sport at a time though...they all do soccer (whatever sport per season). It's easier that way. I tried to get all three in one season, and I couldn't handle the schedule--so for now only my two oldest are in organized sports.

@ Denise - Thank you so much!! I am headed your way!

Jennifer - It's fun for them...they get to see and make new friends, developing skills (on and off) the field. As a child, who grew up in a bad environment, sports is what helped me through. (I was not saved at the time). It kept me from depression. So, being active is an important detail in life--we can't be idle. Hence, Mother of Action. ;0)

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